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Don't Call Yourself a Nerd if You Aren't a Nerd!

Don't Call Yourself a Nerd if You Aren't a Nerd!

The comedy series Portlandia is one of our favorite TV shows because of its spot-on parodies and observational humor about hipster culture. And they have finally tackled a subject that true nerds and geeks everywhere have been longing for: calling yourself a nerd when you aren't really a nerd. In this fake PSA, we see Brian P. (a "real nerd") lament that his status has been degraded by bespectacled models everywhere. This is serious business, folks... and its time we all took a stand:

Now, it could be argued that the folks behind Portlandia are, themselves, too cool to be considered actual nerds. Let's face it, Fred Armisen is on SNL (which is pretty cool) and both he and Carrie Brownstein are in (or have been in, at one point) rock bands. Definitely not nerdy. But at least they're treating this issue with the kind of respect and awkwardness that it deserves.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to alphabetize my mint condition first series Garbage Pail Kids.

Are you a real nerd, or a fake nerd?

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