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How To Make Your Very Own Sci-Fi Movie

How To Make Your Very Own Sci-Fi Movie

Do you see yourself as J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and Ridley Scott all rolled up into one awesome sci-fi movie package? Have you heard the call of alien invaders yet to hit the silver screen, and think you're ready to create a better Avatar than James Cameron, but then it hits you... you've never made a movie before? Well, here are a few tips to help you create your own scifi masterpiece!

Take a page from Super 8: Production Value, Production Value, Production Value

In Super 8 a group of plucky young kids are busily making their own zombie movie when their summer is interrupted by a train accident that releases an alien and a government conspiracy. But instead of cowering in their houses, hiding under their beds, or splitting up in situations where no one in their right mind would split up, they take advantage of the strange events in their town and work them into their zombie movie! U.S. army officials unloading documents from a house? Film it and put an actor in a soldier costume in the foreground talking about Vietnam! At the train crash itself? Keep the camera running and try to get the footage! Military officials going over a crime scene with super secret technology? Use that as the background for an emotional good-bye between your hero and his wife!

So if you have a government cover-up going on, take advantage and use it and put it in your movie!

Zombies are du jour, but start a new trend!

Everyone has zombies in their movies nowadays. Sure, you can throw in a few undead, but we say, be a path forger and put in a new menace! Perhaps a wolf-vampire? Or a mummy alien? Or mind-controlling parents? The list is endless!

Make-up isn't that hard to do, and when all else fails, light it badly

There are tons of make-up websites that give you tips on how to turn an actor into a Creature from the Deep, a zombie, or a wolfman. But, if you're having a little trouble with that brush and blotter, we advise you to do the noble thing and CHEAT by manipulating the lighting. You know all those pseudo-found documentary footage movies, like Paranormal Activity? They all deliberately look like they're shot from someone's crappy video camera. Use this new genre to your advantage, and who knows? You could have a sleeper hit on your hands a la The Blair Witch Project!

(Note: Corn Syrup + Red Food Coloring = Blood)

Give It An Emotional Storyline In Between Explosions

Yes, we all love watching the Hulk smash things, various famous cities being blown up, and car chases that end with forty cars piled up on the highway. Still, those only take a viewer so far and frankly, that's what YouTube clips are for. Add the human element to keep them in their seats! Write a script with a love story, or a father having to rescue his children, or two bests friends just on a life-changing, montage filled adventure. Have someone cry. Then, go back to blowing up train sets.

Recruit Your Friends To Be Actors/Production Assistants

Will they win an Oscar? Probably not. But are they obligated via the sacred bond of friendship to aid you in all creative endeavors? Yes. Who knows? One of them might actually like it enough to make movie-making their life goal, and when they win a super famous award, they will include YOU in their thank-you speech. Which you will acknowledge with a smile at the camera. Because you'll be there of course, as the mega powerful Hollywood producer-director that made their dreams come true.

What would your homemade scifi movie be about?

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