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Blogging Hostess: Ding Dongs and SnoBalls

Blogging Hostess: Ding Dongs and SnoBalls

We're getting into the home stretch here and this week we've got two iconic tasty treats up on the docket: Ding Dongs, those chocolate covered hockey pucks, and SnoBalls, the fluffy balls of mallow-y coconut goodness. What did Dan and Josh think? Well, keep reading and you'll find out!

Dan Bergstein

Ding Dongs

Perfect! This is what lunch or midnight snacks are all about. The chocolate cake is good. The coating borders on being candy. And the cream center is super sweet but knows when to quit. The only way this snack cake could be better is if it were served inside a trophy that I won for being the Mayor. I don’t know what that means because I’m in dessert bliss. A+


At first you’re like, “Eww.” Then you eat it and you’re like, “Ewwww!” This is disgusting in both taste and texture, but mostly texture. The spongy marshmallow coating tastes like sad Easter and the cake was disappointing to the point of anger. On the plus side, the coconut marshmallow skin can be peeled off in a move that delighted and disgusted by fellow workers. D+

Josh Perilo

Ding Dong

Oh yeah. This is the good stuff that kids go for. I have always maintained, much to the protestations of my friends (and enemies) that Ding Dongs were the greatest product ever made by Hostess. I can proudly say that I was right. The chocolate icing is solid enough to hold its shape, but melts the second it hits your mouth. The chocolate cake is just the right moistness and the creamy filling was plentiful but not overpowering. Snack cake perfection. Eating this made me shed a tear. Ding Dongs… you are a treasure and will be missed. A+


Who doesn’t love a Hostess SnoBall?! Dan Bergstein, that’s who! At least, that’s what he kept saying as he peeled the marshmallow skin and flipped it around… flippantly. They were exactly as I remembered them. Pillowy and spongy on the outside with coconut(esque) flavoring. The chocolate cake in the middle wasn’t quite chocolatey enough for my taste. There also wasn’t quite enough creamy filling. To be honest, it was a little unfair to have the SnoBall follow up after the Ding Dong, but she held her own. This one will take you right back to childhood. And that, alone, is worth its weight in marshmallow. B+

What do you say... SnoBalls: yay or nay?

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