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QUIZ: Which Justice League Hero Are You?

QUIZ: Which Justice League Hero Are You?

DC Entertainment

Hailed as the world’s greatest superheroes, the Justice League has saved the DC Universe time and again from virtually every conceivable threat and welcomed a plethora of other heroes—from the famous to virtual unknowns—into their mighty fold. Of course, this begs the question: which one are you most like? Are you an omnipotent boy scout like Superman? Or a brooding, calculating loner like Batman? Find out who you identify most with once you take this Justice League personality quiz!

1) What do you do for a living?

a) I work in a crime lab, so it’s like CSI for real!

b) One time, I worked at a place called TacoWhiz. No, really.

c) I run the day-to-day operations of billion-dollar enterprise. No big deal.

d) I’m an ace reporter with journalistic integrity.

e) Don’t got one. Don’t need one.

2) How would you take down a major criminal organization?

a) Run around them so fast that I create a vacuum and cut off their oxygen.

b) Kick the door down and left them taste the steel of an Olympian blade.

c) Insidiously destroy them from within by disguising myself as one of the henchmen.

d) Heat vision and super strength. What else?

e) Two words: sea monster.

3) Your greatest enemy can be best described as...

a) Some hyper intelligent brute that can be a real ape sometimes.

b) A veritable god of war.

c) A clownish sociopath that delights in the suffering of others.

d) The end of days incarnate.

e) My idiot half brother who’s always trying to take over the land and sea.

4) How do you view other members of your team?

a) They’re great and all, but I wish they’d lighten up a little.

b) I feel like a bit of stranger in a strange land when I’m with my team.

c) Their intentions seem good, but I’d rather not invest so much trust in them.

d) We’re like a family and there shouldn’t be any secrets between us.

e) They’re all so blind. Don’t they recognize leadership potential when they see it?

5) What’s your greatest weakness?

a) My tenacity can sometimes wind up becoming an obsession.

b) I don’t fully understand human customs, and that can land me into all sorts of trouble.

c) At times I fail to beat back the emotions that can cloud my rational logic.

d) Nothing I can think of—oh, wait, kryptonite and magic.

e) The frustration when torn between my life on the surface world and beneath the waves.

6) What’s your greatest ambition?

a) That I’m always there to protect those I cherish dearly—no matter what.

b) To learn everything I can about the culture of mortals and hopefully assimilate.

c) Rescue the city I love, and its people, from the cesspool of corruption and violence.

d) That everyone—no matter who they are—stand up for those who can’t defend themselves.

e) To free myself from the shackles of royal duty.

Now the results...

If you answered mostly As, you’re The Flash!

You’re a kind-hearted, easy-going individual that doesn’t let ego get in the way of what you do. And for that, the people and other heroes think you’re pretty swell. However, your drive to do the world good can become a blind obsession, so remember to slow down and think things through.

If you answered mostly Bs, you’re Wonder Woman!

Strong, determined, and no-nonsense are the best words to describe who you are. Granted, you can be hard on yourself, though others know that’s the last thing you should be doing.

If you answered mostly Cs, you’re Batman!

Whenever your friends are in a tight spot, they always look to you for a solution. Knowledgeable, skilled, brilliant, you’re the ultimate human being, but you tend to isolate yourself from others. Let the sunshine in!

If you answered mostly Ds, you’re Superman!

The eternal optimist and the kind of person that gives everyone you meet a fair chance. You’ve met plenty of unsavory folks throughout your life, but that hasn’t made you hold everyone else in the same regard. Still, don't allow those with evil intent to take advantage of this.

If you answered mostly Es, you’re Aquaman!

You've got skills to be a leader of men and the abounding self-confidence to do so. Excellent qualities by far, but sometimes—when coupled with frustration—they can make you appear to be an arrogant know-it-all. Be mindful of this and you're certain to garner the respect you desire and deserve.

Which Justice League hero are you?

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