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10 Mistakes Every Doctor Who N00b Makes

10 Mistakes Every Doctor Who N00b Makes

Doctor Who is a daunting show for a long time viewer – for a n00b, it’s nearly incomprehensible. Disjointed narratives, insane plots, and multiple actors playing the same character make for a steep learning curve. Now, that the current iteration has matured into long-running TV series in its own right, it’s harder than ever to come in. So, here’s how to avoid the pitfalls you encounter while becoming a Whovian.

1. Ask for Help
Doctor Who isn’t a niche show that’s unknown to US audiences anymore. Who fans are legion, and are happy to advertise the fact. Chances are you have friends that not only love Doctor Who, but are willing to rewatch some of their favorite episodes with you.

2. Be Patient
Some of the earlier stories can be a little subpar. It’s easy for someone to give up within a few episodes of the first season. Try to hang around. These more trying episodes will make you appreciate the even greater episodes later.

3. Take Breaks
These episodes were broadcasted over the span of years. It’s okay to break from your “One More Episode” mantra and stop watching for the day. Doctor Who is a gently serialized show. Most of the episodes are self-contained, aside from hints of whatever the Big Bad happens to be that season. This isn’t Lost or True Blood.

4. Don’t Get Attached
The beauty of Doctor Who is in the fact that the team on and off the camera constantly changes. You can have a favorite Doctor or companion, but don’t let that affection turn into an attachment.

5. Don’t Watch “Blink” At Night
Just don’t.

6. Don’t Watch Ood Episodes At Night, Either
They haunt your dreams.

7. Resist the Wikipedia Temptation
For a new Who fan, the temptation is strong to go straight to Wikipedia for answers and explanations. Avoid it. The payoff is so much better if you don't!

8. Don’t Skip Episodes
It’s tempting to skip episodes while watching Doctor Who, especially if you want to watch it like a serialized TV show, cherry-picking the storyline-intensive episodes. Don’t. Some of the show’s greatest episodes are the self-contained ones.

9. Save It For After Your Priorities
A new Doctor Who addiction is a strong one, and can overtake a n00b’s life. It’s recommended that you save your Who watching for after school or after work, when you have no other priorities. A morning episode before class or work can quickly turn into a sick day.

10. Don’t Assume It’s Over
Just because you’ve gotten though the whole series and are now waiting for the next new episode like the rest of us, don’t assume that’s it. Move on to the other Steven Moffat works, such as Sherlock and Jekyll. Check out the Doctor Who comic from IDW, which continually provides Doctor Who fixes throughout the year. And don’t forget the webisodes, which will give you even more background about some of your favorite storylines.

What do you think is the biggest mistake a Doctor N00b Makes?

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