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How Do You Feel About Star Wars VII Being Directed by JJ Abrams?

How Do You Feel About Star Wars VII Being Directed by JJ Abrams?

We all remember where we were when we heard that JJ Abrams was directing the next Star Wars movie. Immediately, the internet was flooded with opinions on whether Abrams was a good choice. We here at Mindhut aren’t going to argue for either side. What the world needs right now is some good ol’ fashioned moderation. Let's take a look a look at both the positives and the negatives of having the ‘Lost’ Boy on board, then we'll leave it up to you and the comments section to come up with the verdict.

The Pros

1) JJ Abrams can keep a story together: Originally, the first Star Wars movie was a standalone film. However, after it was made so popular, studios went ahead with two awesome sequels. All this is to say that whoever does Star Wars needs to understand continuity over the course of several movies, and make sure to include the stuff that works. Abrams proved he could do this with films like and Super 8 and in his series Lost, both of which tied together stories very well and made the endings satisfactory.

2) JJ Abrams looks at things differently: There have been a lot of opinions on how to move forward after Return of the Jedi. The Force has been set right, so it’s difficult to go from there. We need to see another way of looking at the story, while keeping with the Star Wars mythos and JJ Abrams can do that. In the same way, he could come up with a new line of focus for the franchise.

3) JJ Abrams did Star Trek: It’s a very daunting task to take a classic fandom and adapt it to suit the modern day. You have to please newcomers as well as the die-hard old timers. Few people have done this as well as Abrams when he did Star Trek. It was a fun feature that any movie goer would love, as well as a true-to-the-source reboot that a fan would enjoy. There’s just as much love for the original Star Wars, and a new generation that’s ripe for introduction to it. JJ’s proven he has the ability to deliver in that task.

The Cons

1) JJ Abrams did Star Trek: At the same time, everyone knows that the two series are entirely different entities. All of JJ Abrams’ movies are about the future. Even though some are set in the past, the movie is always about what happens next. Some would say that a theme in all of his movies is progress. All of his characters are on a new path, trying to discover what’s next. Star Trek fits perfectly in this theme: it’s all about progress. Star Wars, however, is all about the past. It deals with ancient religion, old battles, family history.

2) JJ Abrams’ aliens look like JJ Abrams’ aliens: Like Guillermo del Toro, JJ Abrams has a very distinct style of creature. Star Wars, frankly, has very little room for that. Sure, a different species could be introduced, but that’s sort of a longshot. It is vital, to keep Star Wars art consistent. Sure, every director should have artistic license to how a movie looks, but if the Wookies don’t look like Wookies, we doubt there will be very happy fanboys.

3) JJ Abrams has to tell the story, not just pay homage: Abrams has storytelling ability in spades. But on the flip side of that, Abrams also has a tendency to make his stories more of an homage than a continuation of a genre. His movies tell a unique story with the backdrop of a familiar genre setting. Even Star Trek is an homage to the original series, not a continuation of it. He can’t reboot, reimagine, or rewrite Star Wars, he has to continue with what’s already there.

How do you feel about JJ Abrams taking the director's chair for Star Wars VII?

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