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5 Films Every Science Fiction Fan MUST See (Besides Star Wars)

5 Films Every Science Fiction Fan MUST See (Besides Star Wars)

Who doesn't love a good sci-fi flick? Seriously, who the heck are these people, and what planet are they from that they can't enjoy the simple thrills of watching action heroes shooting lasers at evil robots? And given that they're from another planet, don't you think they'd have an appreciation for such things? Well, maybe they just haven't seen the right movie. Here's a few epic sci-fi classics that fans, n00bs, and even sci fi haters from Mars will enjoy.

1. E.T.

After more than thirty years, this personal favorite of Steven Spielberg's is among his very best. This classic tale follows all American boy Elliot, whose penchant for mischief finds its match when he meets a Reese's Pieces loving alien from a distant planet. Aside from having a story that will have you laughing one moment and in tears the next, the flick features practical effects that are still an achievement to this day, one of the greatest film scores of all time, and a five year old Drew Barrymore, who nearly steals the show with her off the charts cute factor. Like Star Wars, E.T. is a rare film that has the potential to touch movie fans of all ages, and it's truly one of the greatest and most endearing works of sci fi ever.

2. Brazil

Director Terry Gilliam was the visual mastermind behind the legendary British comedy troupe Monty Python, and after completing the equally impressive fantasy Time Bandits, he broke the sci fi mold with this mind-bending dark comedy. It tells the story of Sam Lowry, a shy and unassuming clerk living in a retro-futuristic world, who, while in the midst of trying to correct a simple administrative error, becomes an enemy of the state. As the film progresses, Sam's vivid fantasy world (his refuge from the bleakness of the real world) melds with reality and it all adds up to one of the greatest insane endings of all time.

3. Blade Runner

Several years after Ridley Scott completed another film that could have easily made this list (1979's Alien) he followed it up with this cult masterpiece, cementing him as one of sci fi's most accomplished directors. Blade Runner tells the story of detective Rick Deckard, who is assigned to capture and/or kill four fugitive Replicants (realistic human cyborgs), and discovers along the way that they display more humanity than he ever realized. The production design is top notch, still the benchmark today, and is almost shamelessly emulated by everything from the Fifth Element to the recent Total Recall remake. On top of all that, you've got Harrison Ford hunting crazed robots and driving around in a flying police car. How could you possibly go wrong?

4. Dark City

Dark City was a massive critical success that inexplicably went under the radar to the general public upon its release in 1998. The story is set in a bleak, sunless, dystopian world in which John Murdoch is struggling with memories of his past that he can't fully recall. He soon learns that the world he lives in is overseen by power telekinetic beings that constantly reshape the world to suit their desires, and that he is the key to overcoming this great evil. Aside form featuring a stellar cast including Jennifer Conelly, Kiefer Sutherland, and the amazing Richard O'Brien (of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show) the entire film is a feast for the eyes, with crazy twist after crazy twist. This one will have you on the edge of your seats for sure!

5. Back to the Future

The timeless tale of Michael J. Fox's Marty Mcfly as he journeys to the past inside a Flux Capacitor boosted Delorian sports car, is still every bit as fresh as it was upon it's 80's release. Time travel movies certainly weren't anything new, but no one had used the convention in such imaginative and hysterical ways. McFly has his hands full in the past, trying to avoid the romantic advances of his future mother (ewww), ensuring that his parents fall in love, and doing something about that bully Biff. And oh yeah, McFly inadvertently invents Rock and Roll along the way. This family friendly classic is required viewing for sci fi fans everywhere, and it might just get you to believe in "The Power of Love".

What's your favorite sci fi movie?

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