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What Does Your Sherlock Say About You?

What Does Your Sherlock Say About You?

Sherlock Holmes is a character that has spanned the ages, routinely earning a place in pop culture ever since his debut more than 125 years ago. More than 70 actors have played him. There’s something timeless and appealing about the Great Detective. Maybe it’s his fierce intellect. Maybe it’s the relationship between him and Watson. Or maybe it’s just those stories. No matter what the reason, Sherlock is going through a renaissance today, as the character is represented on TV and in movie theaters in a major way. And you can tell a lot about a person by which Sherlock speaks to them the most. Let's see what your favorite Sherlock says about you!

Benedict Cumberbatch: Your choice in Sherlocks is as well defined as Cumberbatch’s cheekbones. Fans of the Cumberbatch Sherlock have a strong tendency toward Anglophilia, an obsession for news and minor clues, and a penchant for fan art. The Cumberbatch Sherlock fan is naturally incredulous of any situation, and often finds him or herself staring off into space after receiving text messages, acting as if the words are there floating in the air. Cumberbatch’s refined and thoroughly British portrayal attracts much of the same in its fans, with a nice hint of obsession.

Robert Downey, Jr.: You are a man of action, with no time for waiting and deliberating. Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey, Jr. turned Sherlock into John McClane with their adaptation. While Sherlock remained the striking intellect he always has been, their iteration has Sherlock being as fearsome in the boxing ring as he is at a crime scene. Downey’s Sherlock devotees are notable in their preference that explosions accompany witty repartees. Despite your impatience, you still get the job done.

Jonny Lee Miller: You’ve never seen Sherlock. You should really check that out soon.

Basil Rathbone: You are an old-fashioned sort, but in a positive way. You’re sophisticated, and believe that if things are done right once, they don’t need to be done again. Chances are you’re not a big fan of remakes of any kind. Also, there may be a not-insignificant amount of tweed in your closet.

None: You don’t own a TV. You might be reading this on a 56k modem. You believe that books are always, always, always better than their screen adaptation, and no portrayal of Sherlock could capture the genius found on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s pages. You are well read, and maintain intense opinions.

Which Sherlock are you?

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