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The Top 5 Geekiest Recording Artists of All Time

The Top 5 Geekiest Recording Artists of All Time

They are plenty of music geeks in the world. To play well, one could argue that geekiness is a requirement. But, there a few musicians out there so brilliantly weird, so wonderfully quirky, so positively and perfectly geeky that they make all other musicians seem like boring, tone-deaf, passionsless jokes. Wondering just who these geeky sonic superstars might be? Check out our list of the Top 5 Geekiest Recording Artists below!

1. The Minibosses
The Minibosses mix speedy 80s metal skills with meticulous recreations of classic Nintendo soundtracks to make one of the world's geekiest, hard-rocking metal bands. Their covers of themes from classic games like Metroid and Castelvania have been so popular the band has essentially become geek royalty, playing the Penny Arcade Expo multiple times and even being interviewed in Wired magazine. All of their songs are great, but listen to their Legend of Zelda medley to hear just why the band is one of the geekiest, headbanging-ist bands of all time.

2. The Aquabats
Costume-clad masters of synth- and ska-fueled superhero rock, The Aquabats have been dressing like superheroes and making songs about fighting sharks, skateboarding and falling in love with Martian girls for the last 19 years. Pretty geeky, right? Well what if we told you they also have a new hybrid live action/cartoon show, The Aquabats! Super Show!, where they play music and fight crime? That would make the Aquabats one of the geekiest superstar musical acts out there? After listening to songs like Shark Fighter or watching the trailer to their show, we have to agree.

3. Anamanaguchi

Making music can be geeky in of itself, but making music using an old Nintendo and Game Boy? Total geek mastery. The band Anamanaguchi has done just that, wielding old videogame equipment with such musical skill they've landed high-profile gigs like making Scott Pilgrim video game soundtrack and the opening theme for the Nerdist podcast. Awesomely, the band allows a ton of remixes and rare songs to be streamed off its SoundCloud page, but you can also listen to one of our favorites, "My Skateboard Will Go On," below.

4. Jonathan Coulton
Sometimes geekiness is all in the lyrics, a truth none more clear then when a musician like Jonathan Coulton takes traditional folk-rock and turns it on its geeky ear with songs about evil robot overloads, U.S. presidential facts, or the unrequited love of a computer programmer. None write geek music better or with more heart than Coulton, easily making him one of the geekiest recording artists active today, if not of all time.

5. Pink Floyd

Classic rock gods and counter-culture heroes, Pink Floyd also may be one of the geekiest recording artists of all time... or are they? The band has long denied an accomplishment that, if true, would be one of the geekiest achievements in music: A beautiful, experimental rock album that syncs completely with the 1939 version of classic geek film The Wizard of Oz. Starting Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" album along with the MGM lion roar in the Wizard of Oz's opening credits is said to link the two thematically. When played together, the album's lyrics and music show an uncanny pairing with the film's events (the crash of alarm clocks when the Wicked Witch shows up at 8:12, the whole tornado scene that begins at 14:58, the cash register/color reveal sync at 19:42 being a few eerie examples). Again, the band has denied an intentional sync over and over for years, but what you do you think? Just a coincidence, or did Pink Floyd secretly write one of the greatest love-letters to classic fantasy film of all time, making the band absolutely the geekiest, most amazing recording artist ever?

What do you think is the geekiest band/artist of all time?

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