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The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN 6: Hermione Granger versus Willow Rosenberg

The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN 6: Hermione Granger versus Willow Rosenberg

It's been a while since the last SciFi Smackdown, but we are back and in full force! Last time, we pitted two men with serious mental mojo against each other: Gandalf of The Lord of the Rings and Professor Xavier of the X-Men franchise.

There were compelling arguments on both sides: Chance-or-Choice pointed out that we haven't really even seen the extent of Professor X's power, and that a gang of mutant friends could probably outfight a gang of elves, dwarves, and hobbits. Others voted for Gandalf, pointing out his incredible track record of defeating Balrogs and Ring Wraiths, not to mention his awesome beard (which which was specifically cited as a reason for victory by whowon and -sparknotes-). In the end, the beautifully bearded wizard won by a margin of 16-6. Sorry, Professor X! You shall not pass.

Just because Gandalf is a winner doesn't mean he's the only conjurer in town, however. Our next match pits two of the most badass witches in the world of fantasy against each other. Let the spells begin!


Hermione Stats:

Species: Muggle-born witch.

Personality: Bossy and condescending, but gets away with it because she walks the walk.

Strengths: This girl is a genius. Not only does she have an encyclopedic knowledge of magic, she knows how to apply her book smarts faster than her fellow wizards. Non-verbal spells? No problem. Protean charms? Done and done. Death Eaters? Yawn. Oh, yeah, and she can eviscerate her enemies with her wit as easily as her wand.

Weaknesses: Hermione has a lot of mental prowess, but she's not an intuitive witch. Her magic is always controlled by her intellect, never the other way around. While this makes her more reliable, it also makes her less powerful. Witchcraft yin and yang, you know?

Personal Beliefs: Hermione deeply respects authority and rules, because she excels in environments where both are clearly defined. But she is also passionately humanitarian, and will break rules if it means protecting her friends or the defenseless.

Quote: "I'm hoping to do some good in the world."

Willow Stats:

Species: Human.

Personality: Shy, smart, hilarious, topped off with a heap of adorable. It is, quite literally, impossible not to fall in love with her.

Strengths: Like Hermione, Willow is a bookworm who gets her start in the witchcraft biz in a library. But unlike her adversary, Willow has a deeply intuitive affinity for magic that transcends what she's learned in books. Hanging around with Buffy has also made Willow a fearless demon-fighter, not to mention a champion in the art of the one-liner.

Weaknesses: Just as Hermione's lack of intuition holds her back, Willow's natural affinity for magic can overwhelm her. And when it does, bad things can happen. For example, she might try to destroy the universe.

Personal Beliefs: Hermione and Willow have almost identical beliefs in that they are both reluctant to rebel against authority, but they will do so to protect their friends and innocent people. Plus, both always know that they are the smartest people in the room. Willow's just less cocky about it.

Alter-Egos: Vamp Willow and Dark Willow.

Quote: "It's all about emotional control. Plus, obviously, magic."

It's the war of the witty witches! The battle of the badass brainiacs! The showdown of the smart spell-casters! Who will win? Vote below!

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