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The Worst Action Movie Scenes of All Time

The Worst Action Movie Scenes of All Time

Film classics like Citizen Kane and Schindler's List are great, but few simple pleasures compare to curling up on the couch with a big, dumb action movie. In theory there should be no shame to it, but from time to time, we come across that rare action film that surpasses that base level of stupidity. These films are inept beyond an order of magnitude the human mind can scarcely comprehend, but by god, are they hysterical! These are our favorite scenes from the worst, dumbest action movies of all time!

Indestructible Horse

Say what you will about Indian cinema, but one thing you can never accuse them of is being boring. This insane clip throws in everything but the kitchen sink, and that's probably just because the kitchen sink was destroyed when this film's craziness reached critical mass and exploded. We particularly love when, at one minute in, the horse maneuvers under a semi truck, "sliding into home base" style.

Deadly Turkish Legs

The near unparalleled crappitude of bottom of the barrel Indian cinema is only rivaled by the undisputed kings of the bad movie, Turkey. Yes, this fair country has been responsible for the most abysmal stinkers of all time. Here's a clip from the amazingly titled Warrior of Death. It starts out tame enough, but quickly escalates in weirdness with the help of horrible sound effects and insanely repetitive action choreography. He's got legs... and he knows how to use them!

Shirtless Angry Dude

In the 80s, Sylvester Stallone was king and the cartoonishly violent Rambo film series captured the hearts of America. In its wake were countless cheesy knock offs, and the absolute worst was a so-bad-it's-good movie gem known as Deadly Prey. The film is basically ninety minutes of a buff, shirtless, barefoot dude with a mullet disposing of an army one by one and there's no one scene that can properly convey its ineptitude properly; so here is a highlight reel of some of its best moments. If you like ripped dudes in camo-paint screaming at the top of their lungs while shaking their fists at the sky, then this clip is for you!

Chuck Norris, Friend to Trees

And finally, what would this list be without an appearance from the king of action shlock himself, Chuck Norris? This twenty-two second clip may be lacking in car chases, shoot outs, and hand to hand combat, but what it lacks in typical action movie thrills, it definitely makes up for with it's over the top weirdness.

What's the worst action movie you've ever seen?

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