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Even MORE of the Worst Commercials Ever!

Even MORE of the Worst Commercials Ever!

Three out of four doctors agree, epic fail is an important part of a healthy, balanced internet diet. So we're back with an entirely new collection of the absolute worst commercials out there. After watching these ads the only thing you'll feel compelled to buy is a new pair of glasses, because they're so painfully horrible you won't believe your eyes. Here are five more of the WORST commercials of al time!

1. Crazy Gideon's

It's a common advertising tactic for spokespeople to refer to their outlet as "crazy" or "insane" to highlight their low prices, but in Crazy Gideon's case it's just a statement of pure fact. Gideon is, to put it mildly, a terrifying man. In this ad we can see him screaming at the top of his lungs, destroying his inventory and EATING it. This isn't so much a commercial as it is a cry for help. Like Gideon says, "what do you want from my life?"

2. Norton's Furniture

In our last installment we introduced you to Marc Norton, a raspy voiced Cleveland native who, over the span of twenty years, has produced a string of the most incomprehensibly bizarre ads of all time. Here's a classic from the Norton vault that ends, like all Norton furniture commercials, with a moment of head-scratching randomness. Is this ad going to confuse you? "You can count on it!"

3. Kahn's Corn Dogs

It's surprising that rap music saw such a meteoric rise in popularity during the early 90's, because this commercial almost killed it off. It features a group of kids in day glow shirts rapping (if you can call it that) about the awesomeness of corn dogs. We really wish someone would have told them that corn dogs do not double as a microphone.

4. Pizza n Go

What Kahn's corn dogs commercial did to hip-hop this commercial does to interpretive dance. It features Pizza N' Gos owner (who looks suspiciously like a grown up Screech from Saved By the Bell) busting some of the worst dance moves you've ever seen. We don't know about you, but we refuse to eat pizza from a man who spins imaginary tassles from his man-boobs.

5. The Credit Mack Daddy

People just love to massacre hip-hop culture in low budget ads, don't they? Well this little fiasco is the worst offender of them all. Nothing can prepare you for this embarrassing display of face-palm inducing cheesiness. Just be thankful these people aren't your parents.

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