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QUIZ: Which Video Game Villain Are You?

QUIZ: Which Video Game Villain Are You?

It’s something that we might be reluctant to admit, but—oh, heck, who are we kidding?—rooting for the villain in our favorite video games is way more fun than backing the hero! Really, it’s hard not to especially when the bad guys always have the best gadgets and the coolest costumes. But sadly, at the end of the day, all they get is a black eye and bruised ego as a reward for their malevolent machinations. With that in mind, why not appreciate these antisocial heroes by embracing your inner evil with our video game villain personality quiz? Now go conquer the world!

1) What best describes your evil lair?

a) A hideout beneath a casino. (1 point)

b) A wasteland of fire, brimstone, and volcanoes. (2 points)

c) A futuristic castle with a wicked skull motif. (3 points)

d) I have a castle too, but mine’s haunted. (4 point)

e) I sow chaos wherever I roam; an evil lair is superfluous. (5 points)

2) Who are the henchmen under your command?

a) The children of the night. (4 points)

b) I am a perfected engine of destruction, so I don’t need any. (5 points)

c) A robotic legion of loyal troops I can build en masse. (3 points)

d) Turtles, evil mushrooms, giant bullets with sharp teeth, etc. (2 points)

e) Little monsters that do my bidding. (1 point)

3) Who is your arch-nemesis?

a) A blue collar worker who ended up in my domain totally by accident. (2 points)

b) A random 10-year-old punk that “wants to be the very best” or something. (1 point)

c) The zenith in artificial intelligence and free will. (3 point)

d) A lineage of whip-wielding vampire hunters. (4 points)

e) My near equal in nearly every respect. Nearly. (5 points)

4) What is your greatest ambition?

a) Capture only the most powerful monsters and use them as living weapons. (1 point)

b) Conquer the world with my army of robotic minions. (3 points)

c) Achieve godhood. (5 points)

d) That the woman I kidnap admire from afar finally requites my love. (2 points)

e) Eclipse the world in endless night and rule as their immortal king of darkness. (4 points)

5) Be honest with yourself, what is your ultimate undoing?

a) Gods are without fault. (5 points)

b) My robotic creations have the inexplicable habit of dropping power-ups for my enemy. (3 points)

c) I tend to rely on the same course of action over and over until it one day sticks. (2 points)

d) When I’m out of useable monsters I usually—you know—just give up. (1 points)

e) Do you have any idea what holy water does to my skin?! Not pleasant! (4 points)

Add up your high score and divide by 5 (be sure to round down). Now see which video game villain you’re most like!

1) Team Rocket (Pokémon series)

Congratulations, you’re a nameless grunt in the pan-regional Team Rocket organization! Driven by an urge for wealth and power, you have no qualms pushing Pokémon to their physical limit to get there. If creatures that powerful weren’t meant to be exploited as weapons, then what good are they? Hm, casino prizes, maybe.

2) Bowser (Super Mario series)

History is written by the winners, and many of them didn’t get to where they are by saying “please” and “thank you”—and neither does Bowser! When you can breath fire and have the strength of an ox, that’s justification enough to take whatever strikes your sinister fancy.

3) Dr. Wily (Mega Man series)

With your mastery of complex robotics and engineering you can change the world in remarkable ways, but that’s assuming you’re of the altruistic sort. As Dr. Wily you care only for worldwide recognition and domination, easily achieved with your endless army of mechanical soldiers. Plus, how cool is it to command robotic dragons and dragons? Answer: Very!

4) Dracula (Castlevania series)

As the most notorious vampire in the history of mankind, you have a lot under your belt that inspires fear in the hearts of mortal men: A thirst for blood, black magic, and immortality. But perhaps the greatest weapon in your arsenal is the fact you embody man’s superstition and fear of the unknown.

5) Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

From birth you were destined to become a god among men, though your eventual means to an end may require a catastrophic loss of life. Still, it is an inconsequential sacrifice that can reshape the entire planet in your grand image. Man, you are evil to the core!

Let us know your results in the comments.

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