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The Super Bowl's Most Geektacular Commercials

The Super Bowl's Most Geektacular Commercials

Last night, millions of Americans gathered around their televisions for only one reason: to see what they’ll be spending their money on this year. Yeah, there was that game thing, too. However, it was for these people that the main source of awe and excitement wasn’t a 109-yard kickoff return – it was Psy finally making his appearance selling pistachios while doing the horse dance. This year’s big game even had a bevy of geek-friendly treats.


World War Z: The long-delayed and problem-riddled Brad Pitt vehicle (based on the genre classic by Max Brooks) finally made its official debut to the world, and, well, it looks like a movie. Basically all we’re given is the Pitt family hanging out in a traffic jam in New York, a guy knocking off Brad’s rearview mirror, and a hill of (fast?) zombies building up against a concrete wall. Seems strange that they have a zombie movie and don’t even show a close-up on a single zombie in its trailer. Other than that, though... we're in!

Iron Man 3: This spot was as close to absolute perfection as a teaser trailer to get. It was like getting the most exciting page from an Iron Man comic. You get the suit, you get the stakes, and you’re left wanting more. A small note: the Facebook site doesn’t give you much extra aside from a half-decent pun.

Star Trek Into Darkness: The serious Trekkies have already seen what they needed to see when they caught the prologue before The Hobbit. This just gives the rest of America what it needs to see: explosions and Benedict Cumberbatch’s cheekbones.

Space and Libraries:

Axe Lifeguard: Say what you want about Axe Body Spray as a product (please do), but this year’s spot understood perfectly what we already knew: Neil Armstrong was America’s greatest ladies’ man. In this spot a woman leaves a brave shark-wrestling lifeguard for an astronaut. No woman can resist the power of a man in a spacesuit.

Kia Space Babies: Where car commercials are usually the realm of ill-fitting inspiration and awkward humor, Kia went a separate direction with its sci-fi story of conception. The planet of babies is a stupid idea, but as soon as they show the panda in the astronaut suit, you just stop caring, and can’t help but enjoy it. It’s not Volkswagen’s Kid Vader, but then again, what is?

Oreos: You can’t go wrong with a series of comic escalations based on the fact that you can’t speak loudly in the library. It’s a live action cartoon, and it doesn’t get old.

What was your top Super Bowl commercial?

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