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Top 3 Worst Movie Special Effects of All Time

Top 3 Worst Movie Special Effects of All Time

We film geeks of today are blessed. When we want to see pretty much anything happen in a movie, we just slap a little computer animation together and boom, there it is. From creating a terrifyingly real Gollum in The Hobbit to the alien in Cloverfield, special effects can take anything we want to happen in our imaginations and put them it the big screen. Yet, movie magic doesn’t always come through. Sometimes, special effects fail miserably. Should we make fun of them? Absolutely not, no movie maker is perfect. Can we watch them to learn from our mistakes as we move forward with technology? Yes.

Oh, who are we kidding. We're doing this to make fun of them.

The Spacecraft in Plan Nine from Outer Space

Widely regarded as one of the worst movies of all time, Plan 9 is about aliens that open our eyes to the dangers of the atomic bomb… by bringing back our dead. Don’t think too hard about it, it hurts. This cheesy sci-fi is epitomized by the now iconic "flying saucers," powered by the latest in dangling shoelace technology. To get the best of the worst here, go straight to 0:28 in the video.

The Chopper Explosion in Troll 2

Remember that time you and your friends took a toy race car and strapped a bunch of fireworks to it because, hey, why not? I bet you didn't know that you were making movie quality special effects. That is, if you consider this helicopter scene an "effect" or Troll 2 a "movie." While trying to escape the dastardly monster of the cheep horror film, the pilot of the helicopter lands, which appears to have the result of making the helicopter explode. Pause the video at 8 seconds to see just how small this movie's budget was.

The Giant Bunnies in Night of the Lepus

That's right, science fans, Lepus is the genus that features hares and rabbits. Just from the title, you can probably guess at the quality of this film. But let's give it a shot, shall we? I mean, come on, giant killer bunnies? That could be a cool special effect. So we looked it over, and were rewarded with an hour and a half of close ups of bunnies. Just close ups of bunnies. Did you know that when you zoom in on something, it looks big??

What do you think is the worst special effect you've ever seen?

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