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11 Authors You MUST Read Before College


Mary Roach

This geeky lady loves science and weird things, and isn’t afraid to show it! Her books are chock-full of delicious and bizarre factoids. Take Stiff. Who would think that a book about cadavers would be fascinating? Do you know how the peeps on CSI can tell how long a body has been lying around? What about the history of organ donation? Stiff makes these topics interesting and kinda humorous. And if you ever wondered what happens to vomit in outer space, or what the space shuttle toilets are like, check out Packing for Mars. You’ll never think of space the same way again!

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Beth Mishler

Beth Mishler is a writer, producer, and pop culture connoisseur who has a weakness for the Whedonverse and all things sci-fi. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Beth currently lives in The Plains, Ohio, where she freelances, makes documentaries, and watches a kazillion hours of TV per week while anxiously awaiting the release of George R.R. Martin's next novel.

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