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How to Get A Geeky Guy to Be Your Valentine

How to Get A Geeky Guy to Be Your Valentine

If you don't have a huggable, geeky boy in your life for to share your Valentine's with, your shopping days are running out. Well, these handy-dandy tips will provide you with some key pointers on how to do just that. Keep them inside your mental utility belt, so when that geeky guy of your dreams approaches, you'll have them at your ready.

Tip # 1 - Identify Your Geek And Zero In

Finding the right geeky guy can sometimes be difficult depending on where you live, but nerdy types are pretty universal, so chances are there are plenty at school, the local comic book store, or nearby coffee shops. Once you've set your sights, though, it's important to stay on target! That means don't get easily discouraged. Some geeky guys are shy, and what you may interpret as a lack of interest might just be that special geeky someone not knowing quite what to say in the midst of your awesomeness.

Tip # 2 - Get To Know What He Likes

You're a geek. He's a geek. So, chances are that you both have a lot movies and music in common. It's almost always inevitable, though, that he's going to be into some things you don't know all that much about. If he's a huge Firefly fan and you've never watched an episode, maybe you should put it on your Netflix, or go to Wiki and do a little research. We're not saying you have to buy the complete series on Blu-Ray or anything, just enough to get a taste and see what makes it tick. Who knows? It might become an obsession for you, too!

Tip # 3 - Compliment Him On Unexpected Things

Chances are the geeky boy you like has a few things about him that conventional girls don't appreciate. Maybe it's his super thick glasses, or the way his hair sticks up in the back, or his unique laugh. A lot of geeky guys are insecure about these things, and if he knows you appreciate his quirks, he'll feel more comfortable around you, and he'll see that you like him for who he truly is.

Tip # 4 - Kick His Butt!

Well, not literally, but definitely don't shy away from a little healthy competition with the things you enjoy. If you're a gamer, when you're playing against him, let him have it! If you're playing Trivial Pursuit, boggle his mind with your off the hook trivia skills. A common mistake geeky girls make is thinking they have to seem timid. Maybe some guys out there like that, but geeky guys aren't that shallow, and they really want you to bring your A-game, no matter what. As long as you're not an in-your-face winner, he's going to respect you even more when you give him a challenge.

Tip # 5 - Don't Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty!

Sure, we guys do like our girls to be girly, but we also love it when they roll up their sleeves and let their adventurous side loose. That can mean anything from not being afraid to pick up a frog to trying new foods like sushi. Push yourself to go just a little outside your comfort zone, and the returns will be two fold. You'll get the awesome experience of trying something new, and you'll impress him by showing you can step outside the box.

Tip # 6 - Watch A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi… Then Watch Them Again

Since you're a geeky girl, you may already have this one covered, but if you don't, get on this at once! Geeky dudes love Star Wars, it's just in their DNA, and seeing these amazing films will equip you with tons of fun little lines and factoids that will give you more to talk about with him. Don't just watch a bunch of scenes on YouTube! Watch the films in their entirety; geek boys can sense if you haven't, just like dogs can sense danger.

Tip # 7 - Be Awesome

Always remember, any guy, whether he's a geek or not, should like you for who you are, quirks and all, and he doesn't ever want you to compromise yourself around him. If you're a huge Hunger Games fan and he just doesn't get what the big deal is, don't feel like you have to alter your opinions just to make you seem cooler in his eyes. If you can't be yourself around him, then chances are he's not the dreamboat you thought he was. But hey, that's not a problem, 'cuz there are plenty more ships to be found across the nerdy seas!

Did we miss any great tips?

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