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Our 8 Favorite Lovey-Dovey Couples of All Time!

Our 8 Favorite Lovey-Dovey Couples of All Time!

Love is in the air, Masterminds! To celebrate the upcoming holiday of hearts, we've thrown down a list of our all time favorite couples from TV and movies. And, fyi—we thought including more conventional or currently popular couples (Han and Leia, Hermione and Ron, Katniss and Peeta, etc.) would be too easy, so that’s why they’re not here. And, of course, including Edward/Bella on any “best couples” list would be laughable! So without further ado, we present: our favorite lovey-dovery couples of all time!

Willow and Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Nothing against Buffy and Angel, but our favorite coupling of the series was this bewitching duo. Talk about two people who were good for each other! Tara reeled Willow in when her use of magic got outta control, and they were always there for each other. We were ultimately devastated and terrified when we saw what losing Tara did to Willow, but we will always remember their love as a highlight of this show.

Adama and President Roslin, Battlestar Galactica

There were several moving (and twisted) relationships on BSG, but one resonated stronger than all the others due to moments of genuine love and beauty. She was thrown into the role of leading what was left of the free world.  It was up to him to protect them all, and to help lead them to Earth. They fell in love amidst the chaos. When she finally said “I love you,” in the final season, his response echoed ours: “About time.”

Wall.E and Eve, Wall.E

To quote the song, they found love in a hopeless place! Poor Wall.E was desolate and alone, until the pre-programmed Eve shows up, turning his world upside down by showing him the meaning of  love and companionship. Funny how two machines supposedly incapable of feeling can create one of the more moving relationships in recent cinema!

Glenn and Maggie, The Walking Dead

“Hello, farmer’s daughter!” he said when he first saw her through binoculars (which wasn’t as creepy as it sounds; he was scouting for walkers). These two, like a few other couples on this list, met and fell for each other in chaotic situations, but that hasn’t kept them from being the cutest couple to ever tackle a zombie apocalypse. We hope they survive, but even if they don’t, their love will.

Zoë and Wash, Firefly

A typical exchange between these two: “Mmmm. Wife soup. I must have done good.” “ Yes, dear. You done good.” Wash was sarcastic and funny; Zoe a badass. Together, they were harmony, hilarity, and warmth. We aren’t going to go into what happens in Serenity, because this list is about love, not heartbreak.

Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court, Say Anything

Right now, you’re probably thinking: who and who?  But trust us: these two are the perfect excuse for an 80s movie night. They’re two geeky social outcasts. She’s the class valedictorian. He keeps Bavarian Dutch-style pretzels in his car for no apparent reason and practices kickboxing. Together, they’re perfect.

Chuck and Sarah, Chuck

Their will they/won’t they banter went on for a few seasons due to all the super-spy stuff, so when these two finally got together, fans of the show fist-pumped, and then crossed our fingers and hoped their coupling wouldn’t make the show awkward. The opposite happened. Their relationship made the show better, and, despite the muddled memory plotline of the final season, Sarah and Chuck are happy and together, we just know it!

Rory and Amy, Doctor Who

He thought she favored the dashing Doctor at first—but she didn’t. From the very beginning, these two only had eyes for each other, and until the very end—which we’re still refusing to acknowledge—they were a sheer delight to watch. The Doctor has never had more lovely or loving companions!

Who are your favorite couples from TV/movies?

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