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The Top 5 Best Song Mashups Ever

The Top 5 Best Song Mashups Ever

Musics are fun! There are so many good musics out there that we sometimes can’t even decide which musics to listen to! But thanks to song mashups, now we don’t have to decide. We can listen to ALL THE MUSICS! ALL AT ONCE!!

Well, maybe not all at once quite yet. But the mashup genre has definitely made it possible to enjoy at least two songs at the same time. Which is great because the more, the merrier. So for your merry music mixing amusement, we’ve compiled our 5 favorite song mashups!

#5 Hey We Will Rock You Ya

This first song is a perfect example of what all good mashups should be: rocking, awesome, and fun! It’s also a good precursor of what the rest of this list will do… it will, it will, Rock Ya!

#4 Stayin Alive in the Wall

What do you get when you take one of the funkiest songs from the 1970s and blend it with one of the heaviest songs of the 1980s? Some pretty heavy funk, that’s what!

#3 Let It Be, No Cry

This next song is filled with so much peace and love that it will forcefully bring you to your knees and make your head literally explode from a fierce wave of fiery care and compassion. Literally.

#2 Ultimate Rock Mashup

Imagine the greatest rock concert of all time. Now stop imagining and enjoy the reality that is this mashup. It blends legendary artists such as Queen, ACDC, Black Sabbath, OutKast, The Beatles, and Prince all into one epic track. The world doesn’t make leather pants tight enough to properly accompany the level of audible awesome you’re about to enjoy.

#1 Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army

Our number one selection mashes not only two songs but also their music videos. The result is eerily mesmerizing. It works so perfectly that it will blow your mind… and later haunt your nightmares.

#BONUS United States of Pop 2012

As a bonus treat, we’ve included the latest video from mashup master, DJ Earworm. Despite having an unfortunate last name, this guy may be the most widely recognized innovator in the genre today. He produces so many high-quality mixes that we excluded them from our list in fear of giving up too many spots. Earworm’s most famed project is his United States of Pop series, which combines Billboard’s Top 25 songs from an entire year into one catchy and coherent mix. It compacts two hours of radio listening into four minutes of youtube viewing. The end result is the most impressive way to have 25 songs stuck in your head at the exact same time.

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