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Everything You Know About Space is WRONG!

Everything You Know About Space is WRONG!

Did you know that space is known as The Great Unknown? That’s a fact! And did you know it’s referred to as such because the universe is so vast that humans can only ever hope to unearth a fraction of its mysteries? That’s a pun! But did you also know that the fraction we do understand is often times totally wrong? That’s what this article is about!

The Sun

We’ll start with a simple truth, something that everyone can see; the sun is a big, bad, burning ball of fire! Right? WRONG! The sun isn’t fire and it isn’t burning. It’s glowing! The difference is that burning is a chemical reaction where as glowing, a result of fusion (what’s happening at the core of the sun), is a nuclear reaction. Nuclear reactions are much hotter than fire—about 15,000 times hotter, which explains why something located nearly 93 million miles away can keep our toes toasty in the summertime.

Also, the sun isn’t yellow. It’s white. It only appears yellow through the tint of Earth’s atmosphere. AND the sun doesn’t wear black sunglasses as is often depicted in cartoons. They would melt. WAKE UP PEOPLE, SCIENCE IS SPEAKING!


Asteroid belts are deadly, right? NOPE! Far from it! millions of miles from it, actually. Meaning that asteroids within a belt are still spaced millions of miles apart. So remember all those movie scenes with spaceships narrowly weaving through tightly packed rock mosh pits in space? Shockingly unrealistic! And not just because of the distance, but also the size of the asteroids. The smallest on record is 20 feet in diameter and the largest is 580 miles. In either case, it would be very difficult for one to sneak up on even the most unsuspecting of rockets, which leads us to believe that space rocks are much less deadly than Dwayne The Rock Johnson.


Ready for another space thing that isn’t true? Rockets can travel faster than the speed of light! NO! NO! ISN’T TRUE! STOP IT! NO! LISTEN…

First off, if this were the case, why would spaceships have headlights? Secondly, if this were true, passengers’ internal organs couldn’t adjust to handle the extreme velocity. They would compress and you would shut down and you would DIE. Only Muhammad Ali is faster than light. No more explanation needed. Next topic.

The Moon

The moon landing was a hoax. NOOO!!!! SO MUCH FALSITY!

Do you REALLY think the US government would fake a moon landing just to boost national confidence and appear stronger than the Russians? As if elected politicians would actually lie to garner public support? Sure, it’s odd that the flag was waving despite there being no wind in space. And yeah, maybe it is strange that no astronaut will swear under oath that he was really on the moon. But so what if you can see cables in the video? And who cares that the multi-angle lighting setup is typical of a Hollywood studio? What’s it matter that photo evidence shows additional sneaker footprints inconsistent with boot tracks astronauts make? And granted, it’s bizarre there aren’t any stars in the footage. And… wait a minute…

What other space stuff may or may not be true?

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