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QUIZ: Which First Lady Are You?

QUIZ: Which First Lady Are You?

We can’t all be Abigail Filmore. IM SORRY WORLD BUT THAT’S THE SAD TRUTH! And I know it’s heartbreaking to some and confusing to many others but that’s just the way it is. Don’t fret, however. Don’t you dare fret!!! For there is something first ladylike about each and every one of us. So take this quick quiz and find out which president’s wife you most closely resemble.

Which best describe your fashion sense?
A. No sleeves. Maybe some bangs. I keep it fun, youthful, and fresh.
B. I like gowns. Frumpy gowns. Frumpy, I say! Frumpy!
C. Pants suit all day every day
D. Suspiciously like George Washington in women’s clothing…
E. High Fashion. I’m a trendsetter.

Besides the whole “presidency” thing, what is your husband’s proudest accomplishment?
A. His friendship with Jay-Z
B. Either stopping slavery or Django Unchained
C. Being married to the even more successful ME!
D. Showing those pompous tea-drinking red coats who is boss
E. Leonardo DeCaprio played him in a movie once

Have you had to go through any hard times with your husband?
A. Nope. Things are pretty picture perfect… unless you ask Donald Trump
B. Things got a bit messy once… in the theater
C. Things got a bit messy once… with an intern
D. Things got a bit messy once… with the British crown
E. Things got a bit messy once… in Dallas

What trait describes you best?
A. Strong black woman (in more ways than one)
B. Crazy
C. Recently Unemployed
D. The original
E. Beautiful and elegant

Which celebrity would most famously serenade your husband?
A. Beyonce
B. Lady Antebellum
C. Himself… with a saxophone
D. Pete Seeger (he was probably alive back then)
E. Marilyn Monroe

What is your preferred means of travel?
A. Fuel efficient limousine
B. A LINCOLN Cadillac. Get it!? LINCOLN!
C. Air Force One
D. Horse and buggy
E. Anything with a roof

Who is you husband’s greatest enemy?
A. Donald Trump
B. The Confederate South
C. Heart Disease
D. Either cherry trees or the British army
E. Now THAT is a subject of great conspiracy and debate


If you answered mostly A’s, you are Michele Obama! Strong and beautiful, you stand by your husband’s side. You’re not just there for the photo ops, however (even though you do look beautiful in them). You’re also an independent (and beautiful) advocate of issues that are dear to you. And did we mention that you’re beautiful? Seriously… if anyone knows Michele Obama, please tell her how beautiful we think she is.

If you answered mostly B’s you are Mary Todd Lincoln! History will forever remember you as being “crazy” but you prefer the term “eccentric.” Either way, isn’t life a bit more exciting when being viewed through a cracked lens?

If you answered mostly C’s, you are Hillary Rodham Clinton! You’re tough, intelligent, and perhaps even more respected than your husband. You’re a winner. An achiever. An alpha. Victory. Power. AMERICA!

If you answered mostly D’s, you are Martha Washington. You’re proper and respectable. People revere you as a true lady. The only catch is that you look more like your husband’s twin sister than his wife…

If you answered mostly E’s, you are Jackie Kennedy. Women everywhere idolize your style, fashion, beauty, and grace. You are undeniably elegant yet also an intellectual. You are skilled with words and a supporter of the arts. Also, can somebody PLEASE tell Michelle Obama how beautiful we think she is.

Which first lady are you?

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