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MindHut SciFi Smackdown 7: Daleks versus Centurion Cylons

MindHut SciFi Smackdown 7: Daleks versus Centurion Cylons

Masterminds, we don't mind telling you that the Smackdown between sidekick witches Hermione Granger and Willow Rosenberg was one tight match. Willow fans pointed out that she's clearly the more powerful conjurer, with Prism77 making an especially good case that by the end of Buffy's run, Willow had earned both great power and increased self-control, helping her avoid any more awkward attempts to end the world. But friendlydragonette pointed out that Hermione was just as strong, considering she had never let herself succumb to evil. Meanwhile, zukopuko argued simply that there is no beating a British wizard. It was close, but in the end, Hermione defeated Willow by only one vote. Go Gryffindor!

The next round will not feature fantastical magic, but rather technological wizardry. That's right: this is a Cyborgs-Only Smackdown.


Dalek Specs
Species: Mutated descendants of the humanoid Kaleds.
From: Planet Skaro.
Personality: To call Daleks a bunch of jerks is the understatement of the millennium. Convinced that everything in the universe is inferior to them, Daleks scour the universe looking to annihilate non-Dalek lifeforms. Talk about a species-wide ego trip!
Strengths: The Daleks are so committed to the superiority of their species that individuals are regarded as expendable, so long as they serve the greater "good." They fearlessly pursue universal domination at the expense of everything, and they creepily brag about it. Oh, also, they have ray guns built into their crazy space-resistant shells.
Weaknesses: Dalek eyestalks can be damaged with heavy fire or explosives.
Quote: "You are superior in only one respect... you are better at dying!" And of course, "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"

Centurion Specs
Species: Automaton.
Personality: Though they are designed to be sentient, the humanoid "skin job" cylons implanted Centurions with a processor that inhibits higher cognitive function. Ironically, this was to prevent them rising against the leading cylons in the same way skin jobs had rebelled against the Colonial human forces. With the implant, they behave like silent henchmen; without it, they are rebellious free-thinkers.
Strengths: Centurions have three rapid-fire rifles installed into each arm, and have a sharp blade literally tucked up their sleeve for close combat. They are also highly intimidating robots: large, fast, and able to survive much more hostile conditions than the humanoids.
Weaknesses: The implant is the Centurion's biggest weakness. Whereas Daleks truly believe they are the superior species, Centurions are duped into believing in cylon superiority because their ability to think for themselves is impaired.
Quote: *Creepy red-eyed stare*

It's a battle of the bots! The skirmish of the cyborgs! The attack of the automatons! Who will be exterminated? Vote below!

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