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How to Plan the Perfect Geeky Date

How to Plan the Perfect Geeky Date

So through the sheer power of your own awesomeness you've managed to book a date with that geeky guy or girl of your dreams, but alas, there are more challenges before you! You have to actually go on the date. Well, don't panic, the date is the fun part, and as long as you have a game plan, you'll be A-Ok. Fortunately, we've got one for you, and like a wise leader of a team of renegade soldiers of fortune once kind of said, "You'll love it when this plan comes together."

1. Pre Game -

It's best to start your preparation for the date from the moment you wake up. Don't skip on the essentials; breakfast is a must. We don't want your sparkling personality diminished by a lack of energy, so pick up that bagel, drink that OJ, and smile! Brush your teeth. Who knows what kind of microscopic, odor emitting funk may have wandered into your mouth while you were sleeping. Nothing can kill a good date like bad breath, so brush, and for the love of god, stay away from anything with garlic, onions, and highly stinky cheeses all day!

2. Two hours beforehand -

Now don't sweat if you don't have the time for this, but if you do, try to watch some of your favorite geek friendly comedy before the big sha-bang. Maybe some Aqua-Teen-Hunger Force or South Park, or heck, even a YouTube video of a cat sniffing a dog's butt. Anything that will get you laughing will do. We want you in good spirits and ready to have a good time.

3. What to wear -

Don't get too hung up on this—chances are your date is going to be psyched that you just showed up; the fact that you came with awesome clothes on is just icing on the cake. Unless the date calls for something specific, make it casual, but not too casual. Those ragged jeans with fifty holes probably aren't going to be the best option. Not only could you run the risk of looking sloppy, but if that tiny hole at your crotch decides to go loco on you, things could be over before they even begin.

4. What to do -

If this is a first date, it's essential that you have at least a solid hour of one on one conversation time, and preferably at least a half hour's worth before embarking on the main activity of your date. For example, if you are going to the movies, you must have that conversation time under your belt beforehand. If the two of you don't have the benefit of stimulating conversation before you enter the movie theater, then you may have the unsettling feeling of sitting next to a relative stranger for a few hours, and that could very well make your chemistry inert afterwards.

5. What to Eat? -

Is dinner a big part of the date? Pick something fun and out of the ordinary. If you've wondered about that cool little sushi shop you've heard about, or that weird little Mexican place that serves awesome tacos in blue corn tortillas, give it a try! You always want there to be something new and unpredictable on your date; it makes for a more memorable time. Listen to what your date likes and doesn't like the order accordingly, because sharing food can be one of the best parts of the date.

6. Who pays? -

Folks, this is 2013, and although chivalry is not dead, the idea that guys should pay for everything is. Unless the two of you have been dating for some time you're both going to want to go halfsies. The only exception is if it just happens to be your date's birthday or if you've got free movie tickets coming to you from your Regal Crown Club card.

7. Some final tips -

- Don't be too judgmental. If you find out your date hates something you love or vice versa, so what? You're not going to agree on everything. There's no need to make them feel weird about it.

- Don't text every 30 seconds. Ideally, you shouldn't even pick up your phone at all. The date is with this awesome person you're meeting up with, not Verizon.

- Don't wear the T-shirt uncle Ned gave you that says "Who Farted"?

- Do make sure to pay your date a couple of compliments here and there. Nobody gets tired of hearing those.

- Do allow yourself to laugh as hard as you possibly can, even if you secretly hate your laugh. We guarantee you, they won't.

- Do have an awesome freaking time! And when you get home, then you can help yourself to all the stinky cheese you want.

Any first date horror stories?

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