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QUIZ: What Valentine's Day Candy Are You?

QUIZ: What Valentine's Day Candy Are You?

Perhaps in the movies Valentine's Day is about love, but every real, 3D person knows that February 14th is the second day of year devoted to delicious, teeth ruining, dentist hating, gooey, crunch, awesome CANDY. And though Forrest Gump once said, "life is like a box of chocolates," we know what he should have said is that PEOPLE are like boxes of chocolates. Or lollipops. Or candy hearts. Take this quiz to see where your personality scores on the Valentine's Day Candy bell curve!

1. When your adorable sidekick reveals the super-hero sized crush they have on you, your reaction is to:

A) Smile and tell them, "I Heart You" and then take off your mint green Superhero cloak, point at your sidekick, and reveal a sky blue T-Shirt that says, "Be Mine" in red letters.

B)  Growl at them in what is supposed to be a sweet, yet slightly intimidating manner, then offer them a hand full of gooey honey.

C) A red blush blooms upon your face at the thought of your thus far unrequited love for your sidekick now being requited.

2. Your favorite television show is:

A) Downton Abbey for all the love notes they should be penning at that beautiful desk in the library.

B) Anything on Animal Planet.

C) You're a sucker for a highly dramatic love story, so basically, everything on the CW.

3. If confronted by your arch-nemesis with this choice—either doom the entire city, or save your one true love, red-headed Gwen Goodman—you would:

A) Talk their ear off in a graphic and emotionally revealing monologue until they are so confused they pass out from your dizzying barrage of verbage.

B) Roar and bat them with your chocolate paws until they drop Gwen—whom you catch—and also the detonator they're using to bomb the city. Which you also catch.

C) Smile until they fall in love with you, then make them swoon by emitting a sweet yet light fragrance.

5. Your soda of choice is:

A) Red Bull. Yes, it's not a soda, but you hate carbonation. You're fizzy enough on your own.

B) Root beer, a classic outdoorsy type drink that says "I'm tough" but also "I can babysit."

C) Red Mountain Dew. You just like red.

6. If you were to pick a color to dye all of your clothes, it would be:

A) Something light that reminds one of Easter Eggs. Perhaps mint green.

B) A lovely, rich, velvety mahogany brown.

C) RED. Obvs.

7. Your catchphrase is:

A) "I'm Yours Puppy Love."

B) "Grrrrrrooooaaawwwww!!!!"

C) "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and taste sweeter thusly"

If you answered mostly As....

You are a bag of Valentine Conversation Candy Hearts! Sweet sayings are all that you utter, and you just adore those light, flowery colors of all kinds. You bring a delightful crunch to any conversation you come to, and you have an answer for everything. Literally, everything. It'd be annoying if you weren't so darn delicious.

If you answered mostly Bs....

You are a chocolate candy bear! You are fierce on the outside, but on the inside you are an adorable ball of goo. You like to growl at people, but then you offer them something to eat and therefore, keep them on their toes. You also have an obsession with honey.

If you answered mostly Cs....

You are a Red Candy Rose lollipop. You are beautiful, delicate, and enjoy the finer things in life. You enjoy savoring everything, and you know that though a bloom may only last for but a moment, the impression it makes lasts a lifetime. Or at least thirty minutes until the lollipop has been finished.

Which candy are you?

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