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The 9 Best Fantasy and Sci-Fi Criminals

The 9 Best Fantasy and Sci-Fi Criminals

There's nothing like a smuggler or a professional assassin to add some rakish charm to a movie or TV show, a wanted freedom fighter to bring a sense of destiny to the movie, a downright evil villain desiring to pollute our perception of society, or an off-his-luck adventurer thrown into a situation that forces him to be a hero.

Here's our favorites!

9. Morpheus (The Matrix): Described as "the most dangerous terrorist on the planet," Morpheus defies our perception of reality and though he's not the most complicated character (all that pontificating does get old by the third movie), he's definitely one we'll never forget.

Skills: Reality-bending martial arts, gunfighting, can jump, has oddly spaced teeth

Price: Freedom from the machines

8. Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean): Will Turner and Captain Barbossa are cool in their way, but the spotlight of these movies was always Jack. Even when the movies got confusing and unimaginative, we still watched for every moment he was on screen.

Skills: Swordfighting, gunfighting, being hilarious while drunk, and being completely unable to make friends

Price: Just give him immortality and he'll be fine

7. Dom Cobb (Inception): The main character of Christopher Nolan's modern masterpiece is surprisingly uncomplicated in such a complicated movie; his drive and desire to retrieve the prize—life with his kids—and the uncertainty of whether he actually achieves the prize, is torturing.

Skills: inception, summoning trains out of nowhere, and getting through skinny cracks in the wall.

Price: His kids (and knowing whether or not that stupid top fell over or not, geez!)

6. Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Firefly, Serenity): Badass in his own way, Mal always does what you don't expect.

Skills: Great captain, skilled gunfighter, and really good at looking awesome in that duster

Price: Just keep the Reavers away

5. Westley (The Princess Bride): The Dread Pirate Roberts is more than iconic in one of the most definitive fantasy movies of all time.

Skills: Swordfighting, climbing cliffs, wrestling giants and even dying and coming back to life

Price: True love

4. Han Solo (Star Wars): What can we say about the Corellian smuggler who's one of the nearest and dearest characters to our hearts in the whole saga? Just that he definitely shot first.

Skills: Gunfighting and inability to get hit by Stormtroopers.

Price: Whatever bounty is on his head.

3. V (V for Vendetta): Anarchist, vigilante, protagonist, antagonist, villain and hero, V is the ultimate enigma of a character. If you've seen the movie and been less than impressed, pick up a copy of the comic! The two have completely different storylines.

Skills: Knife-throwing, karate, arson, poisoning, stealth, and getting shot a whole lot.

Price: When he dies, put him in a subway car full of explosives and send him at that symbol of dictatorial authority.

2. Rorschach (Watchmen): Even though the film adaptation wasn't mind-blowing, Rorschach was done perfectly. Just as in the book, the vigilante-named-criminal is a fascinating psychological profile of a character.

Skills: Boxing, ability to make weapons out of household materials, remorseless killer of evil persons and unwavering loyalty to truth and justice

Price: Don't take off his face

1. The Joker (The Dark Knight): Sadly, even real criminals have taken after this character. There's never been a more impactful criminal mind than what Heath Ledger displayed in the second installment of the Batman trilogy.

Skills: Supersanity, knife kicks, "magic" tricks, good at stealing school buses and driving people insane

Price: Just the chance to watch the world burn

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