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The Top 10 Grandest Romantic Gestures of All Time


The Lovers: Beatle George Harrison, his model wife Patti Boyd, and fellow musician Eric Clapton.

The Gesture: One of the most iconic songs in rock and roll. Some backstory: pretty much anything with a heartbeat wanted to marry Patti Boyd in her prime. She was already "semi-engaged" (ah, the Sixties) when George Harrison met her and, according to her, immediately proposed. Apparently, John Lennon and Mick Jagger had also taken swings at her before she married Harrison, but the real threat was to come from rising guitar hero Eric Clapton. He fell madly in love with Boyd, and even dated her sister Paula in an attempt to creepily make her into his own ersatz Patti. But ultimately, it was "Layla," a huge commercial hit and 100% inspired by his unrequited love for Boyd, that led to Harrison and Boyd's divorce and her re-marriage to Clapton. She really got him on his knees.

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