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The Top 10 Grandest Romantic Gestures of All Time

A Career as a Markswoman

The Lovers: Annie Oakley and Frank Butler, two world-class sharpshooters.

The Gesture: A career as the first female American superstar. In 1870s Cincinnati, Frank Butler, a traveling show marksman, bet $100 (about $2,000 today) that no local shooter could beat him in a match. It surprised everyone when a tiny 15-year-old girl took him on—and won. It would seem that Phoebe Anne Moses, aka Annie Oakley, had shot more than a deck of cards that day: she also shot Butler right through the heart. Butler married her in 1876, and devoted his life to promoting and managing her talents. After her death in November 1926, Butler was too distraught to even bring himself to eat, and died of starvation a few weeks after her.

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