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Action Figures That Look Nothing Like Their Real-Life Counterparts

Action Figures That Look Nothing Like Their Real-Life Counterparts

There are few things in life that are more satisfyingly geeky than adding to your action figure collection. It’s the perfect melding of celebrating your comic book/TV/movie fandom and satisfying your compulsive need to collect everything about the books, movies and shows you’re crazy about. However, there is a downside to action figure collecting—and it has nothing to do with the price. We ask you, Masterminds, is there anything more disappointing than getting an action figure you’ve been geeked about getting for months, only to have it look nothing like the real-life counterpart?  Having been stung by the disappointment of receiving sloppily-crafted action figures, we now recount for you our top five action figures that look nothing like their real-life counterparts. May their sculptors one day be blessed with opposeable thumbs.


Everyone’s favorite butt-kicking, Cylon-destroying badass. After going on a months long Battlestar Galactica watching spree, we were geeked to pick up this action figure of our favorite BSG pilot online. Less awesome was when we took it out of the shipping container and saw it looked more like Jane Lynch than Kara Thrace. While we love Jane Lynch, we want our Starbuck figure to look like, well…Starbuck.

Rory Williams

Being the passionate Whovians that we are, we couldn’t wait until a Rory Williams action figure was released. Sadly, it wasn’t worth the wait. The Rory action figure looked more like a middle-aged Marty McFly than anything remotely resembling Amy’s favorite Centurian.  Can you say, “Epic timey-wimey FAIL!”, Masterminds?

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince, is that you? This action figure, released by Mego Museum as part of their Pocket Heroes line is a head-scratcher—not to mention downright awkward looking. With its clunky dimensions and less-than-Wonder-Woman-like-visage, we can’t help but think we could have paid our kid sister $3 to sculpt something far more accurate out of Play-Doh.

Dr King Schultz

If we were making a list of our all-time favorite Tarantino characters, Dr. King Schultz from Django Unchained would be in our top five for sure. Once we heard Neca was making a Schultz action figure, we pre-ordered faster than you can say “Certified Tarantino Nerd.” Alas, Masterminds, while it is highly collectible, it’s resemblance to Dr King is sketchy at best. This is not an action figure that will ever get high praise for its likeness to the most memorable ex-dentist-turned-government-bounty-hunter to grace the silver screen.

Rick Grimes

What self-respecting fan of all things The Walking Dead wouldn’t want a Rick Grimes action figure on their desk to keep zombies away? No one! Unless, of course, the action figure looks more like 90s comedian Pauley Shore with a five-o’-clock shadow than our favorite sherrif of the zombie apocalypse.

What’s your least favorite poorly sculpted action figure?

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