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What if the Avengers Had Secondary Jobs?

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Hulk: Sweat Pants Model

If there’s one thing the Hulk hates more than the military constantly hounding him—and waking up to discover that his Bruce Banner alter ego has inexplicably gone from looking like Ed Norton to Mark Ruffalo—is devoting most of his budget to replenishing his dwindling supply of pants. And when you’re a man on the run with monstrous anger issues, making an income is an impossibility. Fortunately, the Hulk’s habit of ripping his trousers with each transformation can actually work in his favor as a model and spokesperson for indestructible sweat pants. Think about it, if you had to demonstrate the durability of your product’s elastic bands, wouldn’t a gamma-irradiated rage monster be the ideal person to get the message across? In the long run, it’s a win-win-win situation for the Hulk: he’s getting paid, a new pair of pants, and social acceptance.

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