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The 5 Worst Dance Moves EVER

The 5 Worst Dance Moves EVER

Dance is the universal language that transcends cultural boundaries. Unfortunately, from time to time however, all it has to say is "I am the worst dancer in existence." Well, these next 5 videos certainly prove that, and the only 10 they'll be getting from our judges will be in the category of epic failure. With our heads held high, but copious shame in our hearts, we present to you the 5 worst dance moves of all time!

The Elaine

Julia Louis Dreyfuss brought amazing wit to the character of Elaine on the classic, long-running series Seinfeld, and one of her all time most memorable scenes was in this episode where Jerry and the gang discovered just how abysmal her dance moves are. Every time this clip is watched, a dancer breaks his legs… True story.

Dance Party at Mcdonald's

Mac and Me just might be the most egregious abuse of product placement ever caught on film, and this epically horrible scene is proof. The entire clip is basically one huge Mcdonald's commercial and it even goes as far as to throw in a Ronald Mcdonald cameo. It's just like a trip to Micky D's, after all don't football players break into choreographed dance every time you place an order of McNuggets?

The World's Best Dancer!

It's safe to say that techno music is to blame for approximately 95% of the worst dance moves in recent history. Case in point is this guy, dubbed "The Best Dancer in the World" by the internet, in what may amount to the most sarcastic statement ever made. Pay special attention to his main homeboy in the Kiss shirt, and make double sure to watch 'til one thirty when he unleashes his leg sweep move. In the Worst Dancer Olympics, this guy gets the gold for sure.

Cat-Stepping With Casey

Cats were once known as one of the most nimble and graceful creatures in the world, that is until Casey stepped in with these dance moves and permanently sullied cat-kind's good name. Prepare to facepalm and get super-duper disturbed.

RJ's Dance

The 80's martial arts fiasco known as No Retreat, No Surrender was a shameless rip-off of The Karate Kid (which itself was a rip-off of Rocky), and as far as so-bad-it's-good films go, it's pretty stellar. Enjoy this bizarre scene in which RJ spontaneously breaks into this awful rap and dance number. You probably won't have to look too closely to notice that he is replaced by a whiter dancer in a Jerry Curl wig as his moves get increasingly "off da hook". He rocks to the beat so watch his feeeeeeeeet!

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