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Super Obscure Doctor Who Trivia Quiz!

Super Obscure Doctor Who Trivia Quiz!

You may think you know The Doctor. You might have every single DVD box set, have the dialogue from your favorite episodes memorized, own a merchandise collection to rival the most dedicated Whovian and even have a K9 Halloween costume for the family dog. But we ask you this, Masterminds—how much do you really know about your favorite dual-hearted time traveller? Are you skilled enough in all things Who that you can go up against the toughest, most obscure Docor Who trivia and come out victorious? Take our Super Obscure Doctor Who Trivia quiz and find out! It’s going to be more exciting than "The Curse of The Black Spot." We promise!

The very first Doctor Who episode aired on which date?

A) November 23, 1963

B) April 12, 1979

C) September 19, 1984

D) 26 March 2005

David Tennant played the Tenth Doctor. Which of his real-life family members have also played The Doctor?

A) His brother

B) His uncle

C) His father-in-law

D) His son

The original Tardis cost how much to build?

A) £129.00

B) £4328.00

C) £525,000.00

D) £7569.00

Which former Doctor Who companion was Matt Smith’s agent when he was cast as the Eleventh Doctor?

A)  Sophie Aldred

B)   Billie Piper

C)   Wendy Padbury

D)  Deborah Watling

Before Nicholas Courtney played Brigadeer Leftbridge-Stewart, which character did he play in "The Dalek’s Master Plan?"

A)  Bret Vyon

B)   Kirksen

C)   Mavic Chen

D)  Daxtar

K9’s striped collar was a nod to which Doctor?

A)  The First Doctor

B)   The Tenth Doctor

C)   The Sixth Doctor

D)  The Fourth Doctor

Before she starred as Amy Pond, Karen Gillan appeared on an episode of Doctor Who. What episode did she appear in?

A) The Eleventh Hour

B) Tomb of the Cybermen

C)  The Fires of Pompeii

D) Rose

What episode was the first to be broadcast in color, and in what year did it air?

A) The Ark In Space (1975)

B) An Unearthly Child (1963)

C) Spearhead From Space (1970)

D) The Faceless Ones (1967)

To date, who is the tallest female companion to be cast on the show?

A) Katherine Tate

B) Freema Agyeman

C) Elizabeth Sladen

D) Karen Gillan

Who was the only Doctor since its first appearance to never use the Sonic Screwdriver?

A)  Colin Baker

B)   William Hartnell

C)   Patrick Troughton

D)  Christopher Eccleston

ANSWERS: 1A, 2C, 3B, 4C, 5A, 6D, 7C, 8C, 9D, 10A

8-10 Correct – ULTIMATE WHOVIAN!

Take a bow, Mastermind. You’re clearly an Ultimate Whovian. You have the Tardis blueprints memorized, defeat Cybermen for sport and regularly save the universe before breakfast! You’re a fish fingers and custard eating, scarf-wearing, timey-wimey champion. Go brag to your friends, you’ve earned it!

7-5 Correct – SMART SILURIAN!

Great job, Mastermind. You’re a Smart Silurian! You know quite a bit about the Doctor, can spot a newbie companion from 1000 paces and can reassemble a broken sonic screwdriver in no time flat. You’re an asset to your species!

4-3 Correct – COOL CYBERMAN!

You’re a Cool Cyberman! You might not know as much about Doctor Who as other Masterminds, but you do know your way around the Tardis and think the Weeping Angels are the scariest villians to ever appear on an episode of Doctor Who. Your devil-may-care attitude keeps you cool in a crisis. Good thing, really, seeing as you’re mostly metal.

0-2 Correct – DON’T CARE DALEK!

You’re a Don’t Care Dalek! You, of course, know there’s a television show called Doctor Who, but you haven’t really watched it much lately. Maybe you’re not a big fan of that meddling, smarty pants Doctor guy. You’re content to watch one episode and then not see it again for a really long time.  To which we say, “Are you nuts?”

What’s your favorite piece of obscure Doctor Who trivia?

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