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Mantyhose: This Exists

Mantyhose: This Exists

Mantyhose. Guylons. Brosiery. Men wearing pantyhose. It's a thing.

It started in Europe, but now the trend of men wearing pantyhose (designed for men, not women) is spreading to the US. It's spread wide enough to justify a size for men who are six feet tall and up to 198 pounds.

The tights are worn under ripped jeans, under pants to "stay warm," and even with shorts (blecccchhhhh). And no, we're not making any of this up. Neither are the Europeans: Designer Emilio Cavallini sells mantyhose for $40 a pair and they account for 2-3% of the company's income.

Jacob Tomsky, a writer for The Daily Beast, wore them for a week, told everyone about it, tried to make them sexy, and ended up giving them a low rating.

Will this trend catch on? It's a frightening prospect.

Check them out in this video:

What do you think of mantyhose?

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