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Top 10 Sci Fi Movies That Made Us Cry

 Top 10 Sci Fi Movies That Made Us Cry

Sci-fi films are known for thrills that make us jump out of our seats and drop our jaws in wonder, but it's not often that they make us cry. Well, these films are all bona-fide tear-jerkers that will make you go through way more tissues than buckets of popcorn. Here are top 10 sci-fi films that made us cry.

10. Rise Of The Planet Of the Apes -

Seriously, who knew this film would be so good? It was like fifty times better than we thought it would be, and we had no idea it would turn us into a watery-eyed, blubbering mess. For those who love animals, and more importantly, detest animal abuse, this film has the potential to hit hard.

9. E.T. -

If you can watch Steven Spielberg's E.T. without, at the very least, getting a mild, pre-cry lump in your throat, you're simply not human. This family friendly tale of a shipwrecked alien trying to find his way home with the help of young boy Elliot might just be the most cried-to film of the 80's.

8. Blade Runner -

Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is a pulse-pounding thriller with exceptional art direction and special effects that still look state of the art even almost three decades later. Its unexpected ending, however, (SPOILER... sort of), features an abrupt character shift in the main villain, which creates a strong sense of empathy from the viewer. It's this shift that really captures the heart of this classic film and elevates it from just a solid sci fi/action flick, to one of the greatest films of the 80s.

7. Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan -

Long thought to be the finest of the old school Star Trek films, Wrath of Khan features an extraordinary sacrifice from one of the series' most beloved characters (REAL SPOILER). The character is, of course, Spock, who, in a move no Trekkie at the time could foresee, bravely risks his own life for the Enterprise and dies in the process. This sets up the basis for the 3rd Trek film, the under-rated Search For Spock, which had its fair share of tender moments as well.

6. Enemy Mine -

This forgotten 80's gem tells the tale of a human and a reptilian alien shipwrecked on a deserted planet. The two races are at war with one another, so they of course detest each other off the bat, but as time wears on, the two learn to see the best in each other. It's a thinly veiled allegory to overcoming racism, and it's ending, which we won't give away, is very touching, and could soften even the hardest of hearts.

5. A.I. -

In some ways A.I. plays like a bizarro world version of E.T. Instead of an adorable alien lost in a human world struggling to find his way home, it features an adorable boy robot struggling to find his way back to a mother, who is in fact not his mother. At the time, actor Haley Joel Osment was pretty much the cutest kid in the universe, and his amazing performance, coupled with the tragic plot twists that befall his character, make for several hard-core, break-out-the Kleenex moments.

4. District 9 -

District 9, like many of the best films on this list, contains several unexpected bittersweet moments. They all stem from the protagonist, Wikus Van De Merwe, and his overwhelming need to reconnect to his beloved wife, in spite of the fact that he's become a disgusting, cat-food eating alien. It's this aspect of the main character that makes Neil Blomkamp's sci-fi debut so amazing: despite being so alien, Wikus is human through and through,.

3. The Iron Giant -

The 1999 animated masterpiece The Iron Giant has an ending that practically marches up to your face and yanks the tears right out of your eyes. It also marks the first, and we think last time, that Vin Diesel will EVER make us cry.

2. Donnie Darko -

Donnie Darko is the film that pretty much launched Jake Gyllenhaal's career into the stratosphere, and it's not hard to see why. The movie has everything—wit, unpredictable plot twists, and an unforgettable main character whose heroism is so selfless, you may just leave the film inspired to be a better person.

1. Return of The Jedi

The original Star Wars Trilogy has its fair share of gut-wrenching moments, but none hit as hard as the scene that the entire Luke Skywalker storyline had been moving towards from the start, his reconciliation with his father Anakin, aka Darth Vader. It marks the moment where Skywalker truly becomes a man, and where Vader once again finds his humanity, and boy oh boy, does it make us cry like babies.

What sci fi movie made you cry your nachos out?

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