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Famous Cats Of The Internets!

Famous Cats Of The Internets!

Let’s face it, Masterminds. The average person’s internet usage goes a little like this: email, Google, Facebook, Twitter, cat videos, cat videos and, oh yeah, A TON OF CAT VIDEOS. Who doesn’t like cat videos? Nobody, that’s who. Even some dog people are secret cat video fans! But how can you discover who the real top cats are? Who are the true famous felines of the internet, and who’s just some random cat poseur in a video uploaded by your 10-year-old cousin, Timmy?  Never fear! We’ve written this handy Mindhut Guide To Famous Cats of The Internet. It’s the purrfect thing to help you discover the most famous, the cutest and the most fantastical felines to ever grace the YouTubes!


At first glance, Tard (short for ‘Tardar Sauce’) may look like a really mean kitty. Tard’s owners aren’t quite sure how Tard got her permanent grumpy look. But they assure us she is a total sweetheart and ‘loves to be held and rubbed!’

After a photo of Tard posted to Reddit on September 22nd, Tard skyrocketing to the heights of feline internet infamy! Being internet famous hasn’t gone to her head, though, and Tard’s no slouch. Her official Facebook fan page has over half a million fans and counting! Her adorably grumpy visage has also spawned more memes than you can shake a stick at. She’s also on Twitter, and has her own page on Tumblr.


Cooper (aka ‘Banana Cat’) is a kitty that loves his fruit!  In one of his most famous videos, Cooper eats a banana—while dressed as a banana split (of course!). Other videos show Cooper eating watermelonplaying dead, dressed as a panda, as an orange and even as Batman(!). To date, Cooper’s YouTube channel has over 42.7 million views. Not bad for an adorable fuzzy feline who always eats his fruit!


Maru is a grey and white Scottish Fold kitty who lives in Japan with his owner ‘mugumogu’. Saying Maru has an affinity for boxes is a bit of an understatement. Maru is King of The Boxes. He’s never come across a box he didn’t like and/or try to squeeze himself into. Maru may not have the same number of Facebook fans as his famous cat colleague Tard, but he’s a published author having released his first book in 2011. He also has a DVD entitiled Maru Desu, his own Android app(!) and a YouTube channel that has garnered over 197 million views! This is one truly famous feline.


Nora isn’t like most cats. Nora doesn’t like chasing lasers or basking in the afternoon sun. Nora unwinds by…playing the piano! Nora is a piano-playing pro, and has a dedicated following on her YouTube channel. This prodigious pussy cat learned how to play the piano by watching her owner, a piano teacher, and the students that would come by for lessons. Nora’s piano playing behavior is so rare, that it’s attracted the attention of scientists. So much so, that Nora’s habit of tinkling the ivories was included in a video about animal behavior by the National Science Foundation.


Meet Lil Bub. She hails from Bloomington, Indiana and loves to chase bugs. Lil Bub was the runt of her litter and was born with dwarfism, which means her limbs are much shorter compared to the rest of her body. We think what others may term as her “deformities” just make her that much cuter. According to her Facebook fan page, Lil Bub is a healthy, happy cat despite her very unique looks. Like her famous feline contemporaries, Lil Bub has her own YouTube channel, Twitter and official store. Lately Lil Bub has been travelling the nation, meeting her fans from coast to coast. Check her official website for tour dates – maybe you could be the next fan to be a mere whisker away from this famous kitty!

Who’s your favorite famous feline of the internet?

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