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Top 5 Villain Death Scenes in Film

Top 5 Villain Death Scenes in Film

Villains are like ogres, and ogres are like onions. Villains have layers, too! They fear that inevitable moment when they lose! They’ve rehearsed their last words in the mirror a thousand times… It’s exactly how Shrek practices speeches before he talks to Fiona, only with more tears. And, hey, onions make you cry!

Here are our Top 5 Evil Villain Death Scenes. Warning: these bring on the waterworks.

The Wicked Witch of the West
Is there a more pathetic end to a classic villain? She doesn't explode, get shot, or even catch fire. She melts into a puddle-y soup of ex-witch. Truly original. And it makes us hungry for fondue, to boot!

Captain Barbossa
With the way that Captain Barbossa drops that green apple at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean, he keeps his cool. Well, at least he tries… He says, “I feel...cold.” Newsflash: awesomeness needs no announcement.

The Joker (1989 Batman)
The Joker’s final words in the 1989 Tim Burton adaption of Batman aren’t so telling: “Sometimes I just kill myself.” Since this is right before he falls to his death, we know Joker’s still got a few jokes up his sleeve. He has the losing hand, but it’s well played, indeed.

The Joker (2008 The Dark Knight)
Christopher Nolan’s 2008 Joker in The Dark Knight is a little more strategic. He says, "I took Gotham's 'White Knight,' and brought him down to our level. It wasn't hard. See, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!" Immediately before the Joker falls to his death, this ironic line doesn’t just let the cards fall, it informs them how to deal.

Sweeney Todd
Most villains get revenge or die trying, but very few die surrendering. In the film adaption of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney’s last words are, “And he was…” This differs significantly from the musical where Sweeney says, “And he was naïve” before dying. Johnny Depp’s Sweeney is not naive, he knows what he did, and he owns up to it!

We can cry over the way the Wicked Witch whines and Captain Barbossa wishes he was cool. We’ll laugh till we cry at the jokers. And we’ll sob over the subtle redemption of Sweeney’s tragic story. Now remember, these tears only mean one thing: villains are like ogres, just like ogres are like onions.

Who's your favorite movie villain?

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