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Videos of the Greatest 3D Art You Will Ever See!

Videos of the Greatest 3D Art You Will Ever See!

We've all seen sidewalk chalk drawings. Some of them are really good. Some pretty unimpressive. Well, get ready to watch some video of, arguably, the Michelangelo of chalk drawing: Chris Carlson.

In this first video, he wows us with a time lapse drawing of a Whack-a-Mole machine. The rendering is so realistic you can almost smell the pizza stained carpet of the imaginary Chucky Cheese that this thing lives in!

In a tip of the hat to Sandro del Prete (and, we think, M.C. Escher), Chris constructs an "Impossible Fence." Our favorite part is at the end when he shows it from all angles.

We can almost hear what you're saying through our computer screens: "Those are cool, MindHut, but they'd be even COOLER if they were animated!" Yes they would. Behold: the 3D Snake Chalk Drawing! You're gunna need to sit down for this.

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