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5 Nerdy Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

5 Nerdy Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

1. "The Star Trek Way"
What to do: Find that old Captain Kirk costume you rocked back in Halloween '09 to celebrate the prequel. That's right—the skin-tight shirt with the logo, the Vulcan ears, and the Phaser gun. Next, find the perfect moment to halt your potential date as she is on the move. Maybe wait behind the corner in the hallway between classes or head her off in the cafeteria during lunch. When your crush looks at you all dressed up, she's bound to raise her eyebrows. That's when you hit her with your secret skill: speaking Klingon. Ask your date out in that frighteningly warbled language and you might get beamed to Planet Yes in no time!

2. "The Albert Einstein Way"
What to do: Get busy in the library or lab creating an equation. When all your numbers and factors and expressions check out, put it to the test. Remember to check your work. When you get a chance, write the equation on paper and secretly slip it to him. When he finally solves the problem, he'll realize it's a formula for love. That's when you appear, with a "love potion," ready to ask him to prom.

3. "The Theater Geek Way"
What to do: Find out in advance where your potential date will be hanging at the mall that weekend. Next, gather your fellow theater geeks and come up with the perfect flash mob. We recommend something peppy and uplifting. Something like a musical number with songs from your favorite Broadway show. Bonus points if you write an original song with the big question as the chorus! When you and your cast mates are left out of breath and panting in the middle of the mall, look right at your crush, ask her to the prom, and have the night of your life. Don't forget to record the flash mob and put it on YouTube, yo.

4. "The Indoor Kid Way"
What to do: Tons of nerds suffer from various ailments. Why not be creative? Try arranging your allergy pills so they form the question, "Will U Go 2 The Prom With Me?" You can also try the artistic approach by painting a picture of Superman and Lois Lane, but with your faces on the bodies instead of the comic book characters. Or, you can simply write a gushy-hearted, feeling-explosion poem that asks your maybe-date to the prom in a 1-2, 1-2 rhyme scheme.

5. "The Obscure Talent Way"
What to do: Search your mind's database for that one thing you do really well that no one knows about. If you know how to play an instrument that gets no love (like the accordion or the clarinet), then write your date a song and serenade the crap outta them. If you know how to build a website, then quickly register and send them a link to the site. If you can bake the perfect Shepherd's Pie, then get in the kitchen and spell out the big question in peas. If you can back flip 20 times in a row while reciting lines from Monsters, Inc., then…well, we're not sure what to do with that, but it's pretty cool.

What's your perfect nerdy way to ask/be asked to prom?

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