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QUIZ: Which Die Hard Movie Are You?

QUIZ: Which Die Hard Movie Are You?

So the latest Die Hard movie came out a couple weeks ago and... it didn't do all that great. Which makes us here at MindHut sad because we LOVE Die Hard! So, to honor this great American action movie franchise, we have a our very own high-tech, high-octane, devil-may-care quiz of all things Die Hard that will help you ascertain exactly which Die Hard movie you are. Let’s kick down some doors and light some planes on fire, Masterminds!

1. Your friend and/or family member has been kidnapped by terrorists. Your gut response is to:

A)  Methodically pick off each of the terrorist’s henchmen, before dropping him out a window.

B)   Use your cigarette lighter to light a trail of fuel and blow up the escape plane carrying the terrorist and his men.

C)   Crack jokes with the terrorist about how you killed his brother a few years prior, then later blow up the helicopter carrying the terrorist and his girlfriend.

D)  Have your sidekick fire a shot through your already injured arm, killing the terrorist.

E)   Throw him off a rooftop into the blades of a helicopter.

2.  Your favorite sidekick is:

A) The concealed gun strapped to your back with duct tape.

B)  An indispensable airport janitor who isn’t afraid to break the rules.

C)  An uptight yet resourceful good samaritan.

D) A 20-something computer hacker from Camden, New Jersey.

E)  Your son.

3. The terrorist who is your most worthy opponent:

A)  Hans Gruber

B)   General Ramon Esperanza

C)   Simon Peter Gruber

D)  Thomas Gabriel

E)   Yuri Komarov

4. Your favorite place to kick butt and take names:

A)  Los Angeles

B)   Dulles International Airport

C)   New York

D)  Washington, D.C.

E)   Russia

5. Your most useful crime-fighting tool:

A)  Your bravery

B)   Your ingenuity

C)   Teamwork

D)  Your selflessness

E)   Your son.


Mostly A’s: You love a classic, so it’s no surprise that you’re Die Hard. Never one to back down from a challenge, you’re able to take on a sea of henchmen on your own, save your wife and her co-workers, dispatch the lead terrorist and still make it home in time for the Holidays!

Mostly B’s: You don’t believe sequels suck, and that’s why you’re Die Hard 2! No one’s going to bring down your wife’s plane, not even Val Verde’s most infamous terrorist and his equally vicious henchmen. You’ll ride a snowmobile, raid a church, collaborate with the airport janitor, and even battle holiday crowds to get the jump on the bad guys!

Mostly C’s: You’re Die Hard: With A Vengeance, and you’ll do almost anything to save the day as you endanger your own life again, and again… and again. Take heart, as you won’t have to go it alone! You’ll have New York’s most reluctant good samaritan as your resourceful-but-unwitting right hand man. Together you’ll solve riddles, kick bad guy butt and even help save the world’s economy from collapsing. It’s all in a day’s work for you… even though all you really want is some asprin!

Mostly D’s: Live Free Or Die Hard is your name, and solving bad guy puzzles is your game. Especially if that means teaming up with a 20-something computer hacker to kick bad guy butt both online and off! You’re old school meets new school, and you have the skills to always beat the bad guys, even if that means stopping a helicopter with a police car!

Mostly E’s: You’re A Good Day To Die Hard. You’ve been outwitting, outfighting and outlasting bad guys for a long time now, and it’s good to know you’ve still got what it takes to get the job done. Your crime-fighting, butt-kicking shenanigans has turned into a family affair with your children, Jack and Lucy, joining the business. Together, you make an unstoppable team. But really, what else could your kids do, having the world’s most kick-ass cop as their dad?

What’s your favorite chapter in the Die Hard franchise?

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