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Top 10 Reasons Why James Franco Isn't So Perfect After All

Top 10 Reasons Why James Franco Isn't So Perfect After All

James Franco is fast becoming the Coca Cola of the acting world, because he's everywhere, people love him, and his body is comprised of over 96% water. Aside from his movie roles, recently the actor has directed two full length features, guest starred for a season on General Hospital, published a book of short stories, exhibited an art collection in which he proclaimed himself the "Mayor of Gay Town," directed two REM videos, taught poetry for a semester at NYU, and chances are, he probably fixed your toilet and saved your pet Shih-tzu from a burning building as well. There's no way around it, James Franco makes most overachievers look like homeless derelicts. Thankfully though, not ALL of his recent projects have been a success; so to make you feel better about yourself, we unearthed this list of bona-fide failures that the media has largely ignored.

- On February 14th 2011, Franco brings a veggie lasagna to the annual Golden Globe nominees pot-luck dinner, but Daniel Day Lewis barely eats any of it.

- April 3, 2008, Franco loses millions in a failed attempt to start a banking chain known as "Franco's Bankos".

- On September 2, 2012, driven by the desire to shock his fans, James Franco has a life sized tattoo of his entire face tattooed to his entire face, but sadly, no one ever noticed.

- January 25th, 2010, during a game of Scrabble, Franco misses the opportunity to play the word 'bristle' for 81 points, settling instead on 'riblets' for a measly 76.

- March of 2009, Franco stages a David Blaine like stunt in which he attempts to "be Asian" for three straight weeks, but only succeeds for two.

- In November of 2011, Franco records a pan-flute solo on a Coldplay song, but is later edited off the track.

- On April 3, 2008, Franco swears up and down that he could supposedly "do anything for love," but then realizes moments later that he will in fact, not do "that."

- Failed to convince Seth Rogen to drive him to the DMV this one time.

- Briefly went missing off the set of  Spiderman 3 in June of 2006, leaving only a note that read "Sorry guys, I forgot I had a doctor's appointment."

- Attempted "comedy" with Anne Hathaway on February 27, 2011 at the 83rd Academy Awards.

What other things has James Franco done that we should all know about?

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