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The 5 Greatest Prank Videos on the Internet

The 5 Greatest Prank Videos on the Internet

Pranks are so much fun to watch but, MAN, do they take a lot of work. Between the planning, props, and wrangling of accomplices, we're exhausted before we've even lifted a finger. Since we’re obviously not of the sort willing to break a sweat for the sake of a hearty guffaw, sometimes it’s better to instead kickback and watch the near-infinite collection of prank videos the internet has to offer—and here are 5 of our personal favorites!

1) Haunted Mirror Prank

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Japanese television is known for prank shows that would leave any other nation's TV networks bankrupt over lawsuits. Far from being a litigious people, the Japanese absolutely love to push the envelope as far they can. The ghost behind the glass in this prank is merely the icing on the cake, especially when compared to the two ghost girls bursting through the wall Incredible Hulk-style! Who knew a pair of women waving their hair around could be so terrifying?

2) Jurassic Prank

It’s a widely known fact that when going on job interviews or auditioning for acting roles, four out of five prospective employees fear the impromptu arrival of a bipedal, predatory dinosaur ruining their chances of ever getting the job. Playing into this phobia, KHA Entertainment’s pet dinosaur and de facto mascot, Kojo, made it his duty to vet potential employees for nerves of steel—a desirable trait for those working alongside a juvenile T-Rex prone to unexpectedly lashing out at passerby, typically with zero provocation.

3) Mario Kart Prank

Meet Rémi Gaillard: France’s master of pop culture-themed pranks (and generally making pedestrians feel uncomfortable). While his home country’s people may applaud Rémi’s trademark brand of madcap whimsy, French law enforcement doesn’t share this sentiment. Our favorite part of the video is when Rémi drives his kart right into a bustling supermarket to replenish his banana supply. Store security just doesn't understand that there's a world of difference to be had from a well-placed banana peel when vying for the coveted lead in a race. Next time, Rémi, pack a few Blue Shells on your next shopping trip.

4) Batman: Arkham Asylum Prank

While Rémi Gaillard has cornered the market in pop culture pranks in his native France, America has it’s very own team of pranksters par excellence called Mega64. Taking their pranks to the streets, Mega64 has been unnerving the general population with their esoteric video game buffoonery for the last eight years. The Batman: Arkham City prank is one of their most audacious public spectacles. Right now, we're hard-pressed deciding which part of the video is the best: Finding the Riddler Trophy at Ben & Jerry’s—Edward Nigma just isn’t trying anymore—or the woman kicking the unconscious thug in the side at the very end of the video. Audience participation is always a highlight in any prank!

5) Air Cannon Prank

This video of the air cannon prank went viral across the internet years ago, but even today it still manages to scare our socks off. What distinguishes this prank from others seen across the internet is that it's dangerously close to being a filmed instance of near negligent manslaughter. Plenty of people would debate the humor of the prank, but we can unanimously agree that we walk away learning something valuable from all this: Science nerds are brutal!

Got a favorite prank video? Let us know in the comments.

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