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10 Romantic Couples For Geeks

10 Romantic Couples For Geeks

Ahhhhh, love. The french call it l'amour, the ancient Greeks Eros, and Geeks call it Princess Leia kissing Han Solo right before they drag him away to be encased in carbonite. Yes, Geek-er-tainment has given us so many amazing couples over the years and so we thought we'd give you our list of the top 10 couples from the world of Geekdom!

10. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

After years of rigorous testing, scientists finally agree, Michael Cera is the geekiest guy on planet Earth, and Scott Pilgrim is the ultimate geek Cera has ever played. But the classic Scott and Ramona dynamic was there in the comic before Cera ever strapped on his electric bass. Let's face it, if a guy is willing to fight an epic battle against his love's 7 evil ex boyfriends, that's a surefire sign of devotion.

9. Clark Kent and Lois Lane

The fiery, no nonsense Lois Lane may go weak at the knees at the sight of Superman, but the man of steel's real life alias, Clark Kent, will always be her true love. The mild mannered Kent is the very essence of geek, and when you add in the fact that Superman is the most popular superhero of all time, it's just a no brainer these two would find their way onto the list.

8. Tom and Summer from (500) Days of Summer

If you haven't seen this bittersweet and relentlessly geeky gem from 2009 starring Zooey Deschannel and Joseph Gordon Levitt, then put it at the top of your list. Zooey is at her best, doing her manic-pixie girl thing, and Levitt shows a vulnerability we seldom see in his roles. Tom and Summer have a tumultuous romance filled with super high-highs and heart-breaking lows, but in the end they're a truly inspiring couple. This amazing sequence where Levitt is giddy with love is worth the price of admission alone.

7.Leela and Fry from Futurama

She's a stubborn one eyed captain of an inter-galactic space ship, and he's a slovenly nincompoop from the 20th century, but somehow they make it work. Surprisingly, this awesome series has had moments between these two that are as touching as the show can be hysterical. Sure, it's a love/hate relationship, but there's never been a doubt these two were made for one another.

6. Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court from Say Anything

We know what some of you are thinking: Diane Court and Lloyd Who-bler? Well, for the uninitiated, Cameron Crowe's Say Anything is the best teen romance film of the 80's. A cucumber cool John Cusack plays Dobler, a rebellious high school senior who falls in love with the sheltered, over-achieving Court (Ione Skye). Social pressures and meddling parents almost do them in, but with the help of Peter Gabriel and a boom-box, their love holds them together in the end.

5. Han Solo and Princess Leia

Everyone's favorite space-age bounty hunter and the spoiled Princess Leia are science fiction's ultimate opposites attract couple. Their love for one another developed beautifully over the course of the first three Star Wars films, and in the process, gave us some of the most memorable love scenes of all time. You could hyperdrive it through the galaxy for a thousand light years and never find another couple like this.

4. WALL E and Eve

Hey, robots need love too, and 2008's WALL-E proves it. From when he holds the umbrella over her head in the pouring rain to when he follows her into space, it's all so gosh darn cute. The film is unforgettable and they may just be the only robots ever to make an entire audience cry.

3. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger

Well, everyone knew these two would one day find happiness together, but JK Rowling sure did wait to give the audiences what they wanted to see! In retrospect, it was all for the best, because it's a relationship the reader could really see grow before them. WALL E and Eve may give them a run for their money, but in terms of humans? They're the cutest couple on the list.

2. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson

Clark Kent and Lois Lane may be the most ubiquitous comic book couple ever, but Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are every bit as classic. Spiderman isn't quite the unstoppable and indestructible hero Superman is, and that lends a sense of urgency to their relationship, because when she's in trouble, it really feels like both of their lives are on the line. Fun fact: Mary Jane's first line ever in the Spider Man series was "Face it tiger… You just hit the jackpot." Has a more classic introductory line ever been uttered?

1. Juno Macduff and Paulie Bleeker

Start with Michael Cera and end with Michael Cera, and thus the circle of life is complete… Yes, Juno may have its detractors, but who could question Juno and Paulie Bleeker's geek cred? After all, they rattle off obscure 80's references and shout outs to awesome dudes like Danny Trejo left and right, and look at them! They're just so darn geeky, they are the cheese to one another's macaroni. Why number one? Because of this:

Who's your favorite geeky romantic couple?

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