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Top 5 Misleading Movie Trailers

Top 5 Misleading Movie Trailers

A typical Hollywood movie employs a team of hundreds of members working together for tens of months to create one unified project. After all this work, the team releases a theatrical trailer to tease audiences with the culmination of their efforts. This is great because it gives us a chance to dismiss the combined decades of work with two minutes of shallow judging. Occasionally, however, Hollywood turns the tables and lures audiences in with a trailer so unlike the finished product that all we can say say is “GOOD GOOF, HOLLYWOOD!”

For proof of the goofs, see exhibits A through WTF of Hollywood’s Most Misleading Movie Trailers.


What the Trailer Suggests: As part of the Rocky franchise, we’d expect this to be a boxing movie where Sylvester Stallone overcomes all odds (including illiteracy) to inspire the world with his fist eating in the final scene.

What the Film Delivers: No boxing match. And a very confusing opening scene where singing popcorn turns off its cellphone then dances past the restrooms and out a fire exit.


What the Trailer Suggests: Silly Adam Sandler giggles his way through everything. It seems like not even death is going to get this guy down! This movie is going to be both goofy and inspirational!

What the Film Delivers: While the movie is funny throughout, it is also wildly depressing. Be prepared for heartbreak, regret, loneliness, failure, fart jokes, and cancer. LOL!

3. Tree of Life

What the Trailer Suggests: This is a movie with actors and plot and dialog.

What the Film Delivers: The most expensive screensaver you will ever see.

2. In Bruges

What the Trailer Suggests: A slapstick comedy about two goofy yet loveable criminals who crack wise while evading arrest.

What the Film Delivers: A very (very) dark dramedy about two violent yet philosophical criminals who crack wise while evading arrest and MURDERING CHILDREN, PRIESTS, AND LITTLE PEOPLE!

1. Pan’s Labyrinth

What the Trailer Suggests: For a fun family outing, entertain your children by taking them to see this exciting movie about a cute girl who goes on a great adventure in a fantasy land! There is sure to be fun and smiles and giggles and joy!

What the Film Delivers: For a traumatizing family outing, ruin your children by taking them to see this twisted movie about an abused girl who goes on a terrifying adventure in a fantasy land! There is sure to be guns and bile and Nazis and war!

ALSO, the entire movie is in Spanish. Enjoy your nightmares, niños!

Which tricky Hollywood movie trailer betrayed your trust?

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