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Video Games That Would Make Good Movies

Video Games That Would Make Good Movies

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mike Myers’s Cat In The Hat—there are plenty of Hollywood movies that have been turned into successful video game franchises. And now, hardcore gamers are excited to see the flipside of that equation. With a movie in the making for the PlayStation hit, Uncharted, we got to wondering what other video games would make for good films? And so we proudly present our pitch for Video Games That Would Make Good Movies!

Imagine this Twilight Zone style thriller: A hungry, disheveled man wakes up in a strange maze. Confused, he takes in his surroundings and notices various trails of perfectly round orbs potentially leading towards freedom. As the man attempts to follow the orbs, he soon realizes that he is trapped in a labyrinth filled with ghosts. The man frantically races to escape but the only exits paradoxically take him back to the other end of his private purgatory. Occasionally, the man will die, only to reawaken at the start of his adventure. Can he ever survive? Can he ever escape? Coming this summer: Pacman!

Grand Theft Auto
Sex. Violence. Car chases. Drugs. Strong language. Immigrants. Pigeons. This movie is raw, real, and gritty. It is not for the faint of heart (or fans of plot), but it is sure to get you amped on action. Come out this summer, if you’re man enough, and see Grand Theft Auto.

Spyro may be small, but he is still a dragon! And dragons love adventure! So when the evil Gnasty Gnar casts a spell freezing all Spyro’s dragon friends, the little hero has no problem leaping into action. This summer, bring your kids on the animated adventure of the season as Spyro and his pixie friend Sparks charge, roll, and SKATEBOARD their way to saving the day!

Twisted Metal
This is a summer action blockbuster on par with Transformers! Except these cars don’t need to fistfight! THEY GOT GUNS! Its big, powerful, American steel mounted on fast, hot, American steel shooting endless little bullets of deadly American steel! AMERICA! Many contestants enter the arena but only one can drive out alive!!! There are a lot of exclamation marks because it is EXCITING!!!!!!! TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donkey Kong
This movie has all the elements of a perfect laugh-out-load slapstick comedy! It’s the story of a man with a silly accent and his nemesis, an APE! That’s right! You’ll go bananas at all the monkey business these two get in to! Giggle at the endless hijinks and physical humor as they compete to see who will end up with the princess.

What other video games would make good movies?

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