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It's Official! Veronica Mars Movie Is A Go!

It's Official! Veronica Mars Movie Is A Go!

Masterminds! Veronica Martians! Marshmallows! The return to Neptune, CA is officially official! Yesterday, via the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever, fans of the beloved cult hit Veronica Mars donated over $2 million to fund the long-awaited, oft-discussed feature film that will pick up 10 years after the series left off.

The original goal was to raise $2 mil in 30 days, but because fans of the show know its inherent awesomeness, it only took a mere 11 hours to raise the ducats! Series creator Rob Thomas released an e-mail early this morning saying that the fundraising campaign isn’t close to being done yet, and may go International in a week or so. The more moolah the flick earns, the more cinematic treats Thomas vows to cook up for us. This is majorly fantab news!

So, to celebrate the now certain return of one of our fave female super-sleuths, we’ve decided to make a list of the upcoming movie’s plotlines we know about, plus a few we WISH they’d explore.

What We Know:

-There will be a high school reunion, and most likely, a murder to go along with it. We’re assuming that the gang will all gather back in sunny Neptune, and for the first 15 minutes, reunions will happen, sparks will rekindle, and bam! Someone will die, and the mystery solvin’ will begin! What better way to reunite Veronica and her posse?

-Most of the original cast will be back, including Enrico Colantoni as Veronica’s pops and Ryan Hansen as Dick Casablancas. Oh, and Thomas promises to “include as many” of our fave characters as possible. Yes, please!

-Veronica ain’t in Neptune anymore! At the beginning of the flick, we will see a Veronica far-removed from sleuth-dom. But something happens in her hometown in addition to the reunion that brings her back. Oh, and we’re expecting one of the best opening monologues ever!

What We’d LOOOOVE to See:

-A killer love triangle between Veronica, Logan, and... someone! The alternately naughty/nice Logan will be back for certain. There’s a possibility Duncan might be too. Or, why not bring in a new, hunky, investigator to add some tension and/or a new dynamic? Kristin Bell can spar well with anyone, and we’d love to see some resolution to the Veronica/Logan dynamic once and for all.

-The season 4 teaser featurette included in the season 3 DVDs shows a pedophile-busting, FBI standout Veronica Mars. We’d like to see an expansion of her already amazing skill set, or at least see some way cool never-before-seen crime solving techniques.

-An ending that hints at a sequel. What? Are we asking to much? We say, you can NEVER have too much Veronica Mars!

The Veronica Mars movie is slated to start filming this summer and is scheduled for an early 2014 release.

Will YOU be there to see it?

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