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Funniest Moments in Magic

Funniest Moments in Magic

New Line Cinema

Steve Carell and Jim Carrey are on the verge of coming out with the most magically silly movie of the season, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The film is set to release today and features the funnymen playing two Vegas magicians. In anticipation of the fantastical antics (fantastantics), we have compiled a list of The Funniest Moments in Magic!

What the Duck?

Magic tricks tend to be mildly impressive when preformed correctly and wildly entertaining when botched. When this guy went on to Britain’s Got Talent, we’re not exactly sure what he had in mind, but his animal assistant definitely had other plans. The real magic, however, is in how full-sized Simon Cowell managed to squeeze into a child’s extra small tee shirt.

David Blaine’s Career

David Blaine is a magician who isn’t most famous for slight of hand, but rather lack of sanity. He has built his career on stunts such as holding his breath for 17 minutes and living in a glass box for 44 days. While this is impressive, it isn’t exactly magic. The real trick is getting people to watch him do absolutely nothing for an extended period of time. David Blaine is a master at that and we would rank him higher on this list if only the Kardashians hadn't been doing the exact same thing for seven seasons.

Will Arnett as Gob Bluth as Max the Magician on Sesame Street

Can you follow that title heading? It’s confusing, but here it is broken down: Will Arnett is a hilarious actor. Gob Bluth is his most famous character (also hilarious). Gob Bluth was a hilarious magician. Hilarious. Will “Hilarious” Arnett went on hilarious Sesame hilarious Street playing a hilarious magician very similar to Gob Bluth. It was funny.

Craig Ferguson vs Magician Lance Burton

As a late night host, one of your main jobs is to help pitch guests’ projects. But Craig Ferguson isn’t a late night host. He’s the Late Late Night host. And when professional magician Lance Burton came on his show with an amateurish act, Ferguson reacted as any bemused amuser would. But it was Burton who would wind up having the last laugh.

What magic moments make you chuckle?

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