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The 5 Worst Star Wars Rip-Offs Of All Time

The 5 Worst Star Wars Rip-Offs Of All Time

It's often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery—unless you're Star Wars, in which case it's the sincerest form of copyright infringement. Yes, you can't be the greatest sci-fi trilogy of all time without spawning a spate of truly pathetic knock offs, and these five abysmal offenders prove it. Here are the five worst Star Wars rip-offs of all time.

5. The Black Hole

Not long after the mega-success of Star Wars, Disney decided that it had to get in on the action, and they failed miserably with this knock-off that is nothing short of downright goofy. The entire film was essentially an excuse to string together a series of shoddy special effects sequences, like an asteroid attack that looks more like giant pink meatballs. The film's absurd premise rests on the idea that one could journey through a black hole without being totally obliterated by the insane gravitational pull, and that's just one of many ridiculous liberties this film takes with scientific laws. In terms of all the major studio rip-offs of the Star Wars saga, this is by far the most inept.

4. Star Crash

Interestingly enough, the vast majority of Star Wars knock-offs come to us by way of Italy, and with the exception of Benito Mussolini, they are the worst things the country has ever produced. Take Star Crash for example, which is basically what Star Wars would have been if the budget were a tenth of its size and employed the wardrobe supervisor from Saturday Night Fever. It had no compunctions about stealing the concept of light sabers at all, or in casting a young, pre-fame David Hasslehoff as its hero. Watch the trailer and tell us if you think there's enough laser fire in it.

3. Star Odyssey

Yet another cinematic space-turd from the Italians here, but this one makes The Black Hole and Star Crash look like Oscar material in comparison. This film, oddly enough, also was known as Metallica in foreign film markets, but there's not a single heavy metal guitar riff or bass drum solo to be found. Watch this disturbing clip, in which their clunky version of C3-P0 asks the age old question "Why can't two poor robots commit suicide in peace?"

2. Brazilian Star Wars

We know what you're thinking: these movies just can't get any worse than this, but oh how wrong you are. Behold Brazilian Star Wars, a film so stupefyingly uncreative they couldn't even come up with their own name. We're not sure what's going on in this clip, but apparently in their version of the future, people are still wearing pea-caps.

1. Turkish Star Wars

It may be hard to believe, but Turkish Star Wars makes Brazilian Star Wars look like Star Wars by comparison, and if you can find a worse knock-off than this, then don't watch it, because it will probably explode your brain with it's crappitude. This one nearly blew ours.

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