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Top 25 Superhero Fails

Top 25 Superhero Fails

Plenty of people envy super heroes. But having powers isn’t always fun and games. As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes a gut response TV." Or something like that. Really, we’re not sure what it means. But it does not sound positive. In short, there's a lot of room for failure. And who are we to sit idly by and not exploit that? Here are our top 25 superhero fails.

1. When Ironman goes swimming.

2. When Aquaman takes a girl to a nice seafood restaurant but is continuously distracted by the tortured screams coming from the kitchen.

3. When Superman’s x-ray vision activates near nursing home showers.

4. When the human torch goes figure skating.

5. When Captain America travels overseas.

6. When Bruce Banner goes on Maury to dispute the paternity of a small green child but the mother gets him all riled up, thus ruining his main defense.

7. When Wonder Woman wants to feel protected and vulnerable in the arms of a man.

8. When Ironman goes through airport security.

9. When Catwoman coughs up a hairball.

10. When the Human Torch goes for a ride on the Hindenburg.

11. When Batman goes to a tennis club… or anywhere with a lot of swinging rackets for that matter.

12. When the Invisible Man is trying to get a cute girl to notice him.

13. When Spiderman has to shake somebody’s hand.

14. When Catwoman gets distracted by a jerk with a laser pointer.

15. When the Human Torch buys an ice cream cone.

16. When Catwoman has to do a number two and there are no sandboxes nearby.

17. When Plastic Man is trying to find a pair of pants that fit.

18.When Superman realizes he still isn’t as tough at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

19. When the Green Lantern repeatedly gets beat up at Justice League meetings because Spiderman confuses him with the Green Goblin.

20. When the Silver Surfer realizes that America is still on the gold standard.

21. When the Silver Surfer has to pawn himself to pay off immense Turtle Wax debts.

22. When Bruce Banner needs to buy new pants every other day.

23. When Wolverine needs to pick his nose.

24. When Bruce Wayne’s breath always smells suspiciously like rodents.

25. When The Hulk’s Weight Watcher account denies him desert because he already gained over 100 pounds of mass earlier that afternoon.

When else would it be inconvenient to have super powers?

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