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The 15 Greatest Scientific Hoaxes Of All Time


Like crop circles, Homeopathy is a fraudulent pseudoscientific sham that continues to have it's staunch supporters across the globe, it's obvious nonsense though. This form of supposed medication is created by diluting medication to an insane degree. For instance, if you were to take a Homeopathic head ache remedy, it's actual medicative power would contain less than a millionth of it's original content. Many report positive results, but this is just a placebo effect (a healing effect that occurs only because the patient believes it works). Like all placebos though, it's actual effect is infinitesimal to zilch. In spite of the fact it's been debunked to the hilt, many "New Age" and "alternative healing" gurus tout it as the real thing—they're either delusional or con men, so don't ever be fooled by this quackery!

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