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What Your Favorite Star Trek Series Says About You

What Your Favorite Star Trek Series Says About You

As has been discussed before on this very site by yours truly, Star Trek is one of the most prominent science fiction series, if not one of the most significant television/movie/novel series, ever. But there are a wide variety of Star Trek series, and each them have their own unique characters and themes. Your favorite Star Trek series can be quite revealing, so let’s go ahead and take a look at what your favorite Star Trek series says about you.

The Original Series

The beloved Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Bones. Outdated special effects aside, this was the series that started it all. Tribbles, Kirk chasing women, the groundbreaking presence of a black woman in a major sci fi series, Bones declaring "He's dead, Jim," Spock’s Vulcan logic: this series had it all.

If this is your favorite Star Trek show, then you are a traditionalist. You may be older and have experienced TOS before the other series ever came out, or you may long for the nostalgia and dated-yet-trying-to-be-futuristic fashion sense of an age that has now passed. You are a purist, and you probably like vanilla ice cream. But really good vanilla ice cream.

Animated Series

Really? No. We are moving on. This isn’t even canon anymore. Number One? Engage. Get us out of here.

The Next Generation

One of the longest-running and most popular Star Trek series, TNG introduced a new generation to Star Trek over twenty years after TOS aired. It was this series that led Weird Al to pose the immortal question: “Kirk or Picard?” Picard's bald of awesome, Riker's beard of greatness, Data's quest for humanity, Deanna Troi's "I sense tension!", the Borg, and the omniscient Q are all found here. TNG had it all.

If TNG is your favorite series, you have a strong moral center, represented by the super-classy Picard. You are likeable and uncontroversial, generally a peacemaker. You are light-hearted and congenial, probably a dog person. Your flaw, though, is being too nice.

Deep Space Nine

Unique in that it follows not a starship but a space station, Deep Space Nine was one of the series with the most arc-based story-telling. It was notable for taking a look at deeper and darker themes than others, and explored the effects of war. Featuring Sisko and his attempts to be a good dad on top of being a good officer, and we also got to see Odo shapeshift. And, as we all know, shapeshifters are fun.

If this is your favorite series, than you are thoughtful and are more drawn towards intellectual or political dramas than to action-adventures. You tend to be more of a homebody, and may even be an introvert. You’re more family-oriented, investing in close relationships as opposed to being a social butterfly.


Voyager is the story of a starship thrown into a far-quadrant of the universe, cut off from their home, on a long journey back to earth. Voyager had the first starring female captain, Captain Kathryn Janeway; who, while unfortunately unevenly written, was still pretty awesome for being a strong woman who would stop at nothing to keep her crew safe and get them home. Plus there was Seven of Nine. Love her or hate her, you have to respect her for being able to get into that catsuit.

If Voyager is your favorite series, you have a sense of wanderlust and love to explore the unknown without a safety net. You can be a bit of a renegade, because you don’t let the rules get in the way of your final objective. You are passionately loyal to your friends, and you like your coffee black.


This attempt to revive the appeal of the Star Trek franchise was a prequel show that followed the adventures of Jonathan Archer, the captain of the first starship from Earth. This show started out sunnily optimistic and quickly spiraled down into a darker toned show full of some bizarre time travel twists.

If this is your favorite show, then you like new gadgets and toys. You may be a history geek, enjoying the in-jokes and fandom nods that come with the latest of many TV series set in the same fictional universe. You enjoy coming-of-age stories and top-notch special effects. You are always on the breaking edge of whatever new thing is going down in your area of expertise, be it fashion, literature, or technology.

What’s your favorite Star Trek show, and why?

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