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How to Kiss Like a Fantasy Character

How to Kiss Like a Fantasy Character

Your daydream-kisses are unparalleled, we know. But when the kissing opportunity presents itself, your daydream comes rushing back in nightmare form. Braces!  Drool!  Gum falling out!  Earrings gouging eyeballs!  You activate your own gag reflex!  Suddenly, you’re out of the kissing booth and into the bathroom.  Why are you so worried?  A great kiss is a tangible, beautiful event in your future.

Here are our top picks for the best kisses in fantasy movies.  Brace yourself; these keys unlock the world of lip-lock.

Sometimes, if a woman threatens to leave, the only thing to draw her back in is a kiss.  Kisses are like fishing poles.  Cast away!

Don’t ever worry about the angle you take!  It’s easier than tying your shoe: over, under, around the tree… same difference.

If you don’t have a way with words, that’s okay!  Stutters are such a turn-on.  It means love leaves you speechless.

The setting does not need to be quiet and romantic; battlefields, just like carnivals, are appropriate places for kissing booths. The more out-of-your-element you are, the better. Take your love by storm…literally!

Don’t waste another minute—some people wait a lifetime for a moment like kissing you.

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